Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 04-20-2009 by
Vicki Sullivan
Misty Rose Sullivan
November 29 1995 - April 17 2009

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12-25-2010 7:27 PM -- By: julia,  From:  

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!!! ♥

12-25-2010 6:17 PM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

Thank you for visiting Vicki! Merry Christmas to you and Misty Rose and Cuddles. Hope you are having a great day and wishing you all the best for a wonderful New Year!

12-25-2010 5:17 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Thank you for visiting us, precious little Misty Rose and sweet baby Cuddles. We hope that you had a great Christmas and an even better 2011. We love you both and your mama to pieces. Dollie and daddy.. ;)

12-25-2010 5:11 PM -- By: Henry and crew,  From:  

Merry Christmas to you also Vicki, Misty, and dear Cuddles. May the coming year be filled with joy and smiles as we know our babies are watching us and have so many friends.

12-25-2010 4:35 PM -- By: ,  From:  

 Merry Christmas to you Vicki! Thanks for visiting KC Bear - Warm wishes & hugs for Cuddles & Misty Rose :)

12-25-2010 1:52 PM -- By: Skye,  From:  

Hi Vicki -- Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a bright New Year filled with much happiness.  As for me, we got hit with a  nasty Winter storm today and so I will not be able to get together with my family as planned, and I will be spending Christmas alone unfortunately.   But at least my cat is happy to see me staying home with her!  (So I guess I am not totally alone).  Remembering your precious furkids during this special time of the year too.  Take Care & Best Wishes.  Happy Holidays!

12-25-2010 12:57 PM -- By: Michelle & Princess,  From:  

Same to you Vicki and Misty Rose. May the new year be full of blessings and your hearts's desires.

12-25-2010 12:56 PM -- By: BILLYtheKidster,  From: Flushing, NY  

Hachiko and I want to thank you for your visit and for your warm holiday wishes. Best Wishes this Holiday Season and I hope that the New Year brings everything that you and yours deserves. Please know that your Misty Rose is now a permanent feature of BILLYtheKidster's HONORED Critters, which can be accessed on my page. Feel free to also scroll down to the bottom of my page for a personal holiday treat from me to you and all my Critter friends.

12-25-2010 12:10 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

merry christmas vicki and misty rose to you too

jules and butler

12-25-2010 2:03 AM -- By: Linda & Milo,  From: NJ  

Merry Christmas sweet Misty Rose. I hope you and your brother Cuddles have a great and magical day today.

Remember to send some extra love down from the heavens when your Mom looks into the sky today!

Merry Christmas you two!

Linda & Milo

12-25-2010 12:36 AM -- By: Laura & Dale,  From:  

The angels are smiling and shining above . . .

Sending sweet Christmas wishes filled with their love!




12-24-2010 10:08 AM -- By: puck llewis ,  From:  

well lil misty rose..sis?  cousin?  hmmmm (puck laughs)

..i had to stop by today as my mom thinking of your mom ... (puck looking around for dad cuddles) hmmm

anyway lil misty is to your mom who makes my mom smile with all the photos and fun things she does....i hope you have a wonderful er wooferful Christ-mutt and hoping your mom has a wooferful howl-iday (my mom is weird isnt she) ..

Merry Christmas Misty Rose (sis-cousin) and Cuddles (dad) 

high paw up :)

hi dorothy!!!   WAVING!!!!!

12-20-2010 4:42 PM -- By: maureen,  From: hull england  

M is for MY friend, a truly special person I hold so dear,
Y is for YOU, that person who by my side is always here,
F is for FOREVER, the time I know our frienship will last,
R is for REMINICING, of the times you've been there in the past,
I is for INSPIRATONAL, for the way you've dealt with troubles through the years,
E is for EMOTIONS we share, whether it's laughter, love or tears,
N is for NEVER doubting that your frindship will always be mine,
D is for DOUBLE the happiness, I wish on you my friend, at Christmas time
Much love and many hugs and a big thanku for being here when i needed a shoulder to cry on  Maureen xxxx
What a gorgeous baby you are xx

12-17-2010 12:05 PM -- By: jules,  From:  

we came to wish misty rose and you merry christmas and season greetings.

jules and butler

12-16-2010 5:02 PM -- By: Dorothy,  From:  

Merry Christmas Vicky to you and your precious Misty Rose and your family.  May you have a happy healthy New Year for 2011... Love Misty Rose's Christmas page.

12-14-2010 12:38 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Vicki. I just looked at Misty's Birthday and  Christmas  page.... JUST BEAUTIFUL!!  and what a beautiful bunch of Santa's you have on your Christmas page. So Precious!!

Things are getting busier around here with company,etc. so i thought i would send out my greetings a shade early. Wishing you a grand holiday season.



12-14-2010 12:32 PM -- By: Lauvern, Luke and KC.,  From:  

Hi Vicki and precious Misty Rose. We wanted to stop by and take this opportunity to let you know how much you are appreciated....... Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



12-12-2010 3:35 AM -- By: wendy,  From: nottingham uk  

hi misty im just dropping and hoping that you are getting in that christmas spirit.i just want to say that on christmas eve  is a special day for me thats the day i arrived with my early family it would be 3 chritmases i spent in heaven. i wishing you and your mum a lovely christmas and many beautiful memories. from dougalchops and wendy xxx

12-02-2010 8:14 PM -- By: Linda & Milo,  From: NJ  

Hi Misty & Vicki-

So glad that beauty Misty had such a grand day for her birthday. I just knew it . What a great story and event took place. Couldn't have happened more for such a sweet angel girl. The party sounds like is was so much fun and surrounded by all your true friends at the bridge.

Have a great night you two!

Hugs to you both and Mr. Cuddles,

Linda & Milo

11-30-2010 12:33 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  

What a part it was too! All the angels were soaring through the sky spinning stars, romancing a cloud, sending giggles and laughter off in the breeze, but all the while holding thoughts of their one true loves in their heart!!!  They are with you still. Many hugs always, Luna & her mom Nadine

11-29-2010 11:01 PM -- By: Skye,  From:  

Stopping by to honor and remember precious Misty Rose on her birthday.
We Celebrate You Today!   :)
"Perhaps they are not stars in the sky,
but rather openings where our loved ones
shine down to let us know they are happy."
~ (Old Eskimo Saying)
Vicki -- Thinking of you and your beloved Misty Rose on this day and wishing you well.  I know how very much you miss her.  May the wonderful, happy memories of your beautiful girl help to fill your heart for years to come until you meet again.

11-29-2010 7:59 PM -- By: Dorothy,  From:  

Happy Birthday Misty Rose you perfect little doll.  I'm sure you and Baci are up there jumping from cloud to cloud putting the stars out... Bless you....

11-29-2010 7:11 PM -- By: Mandy and Lisa,  From:  

Coming by also to wish you a Happy Birthday Misty Rose and i hope you get all the treats and cake you want.

11-29-2010 7:07 PM -- By: Moochie and Lisa,  From:  

Happy Birthday Misty Rose I hope you have lots of treats today.

11-29-2010 7:00 PM -- By: wendy,  From: nottingham uk  

happy angelday dear  misty, hope you have many wondrous days of joy in heaven

you mum  thinks the world of you

from dougal laddie and wendy xxx

11-29-2010 5:34 PM -- By: gypsy rose,  From:  

Happy Birthday Misty Rose Sullivan. What a cutie pie you are. Bless you on your special day.

11-29-2010 5:12 PM -- By: Julia,  From: Elk Grove, IL  

Happy Birthday sweet Misty Rose Sullivan. Let the celebration begin! ♥

11-29-2010 2:06 PM -- By: Guess?,  From:  

OK, Ok---boo-hoo.. 2 reviews! I give up--it is me, Maddie! A girl just can NOT have fun anymore!

11-29-2010 2:05 PM -- By: Guess Who,  From:  

BOO-HOO---I have gone to review! is me....hearts and ponytails....Will you loan me your pink sweater?

Yep! you guessed it!

11-29-2010 2:02 PM -- By: Guess who?,  From:  

-Maddie quickly runs into Misty's bedroom. She leaves a little gold wrapped box tied with white & silver ribbons with a tiny silk rose tied in the center and a little heart tag, signed by Maddie filled with special tiny clips. On each clip is a tiny sprig of soft white  hair tied with different color ribbons.

JUST what Misty needed! Fake ponytails! Well, yes it is!

ALL to be revealed at the Misty B-day Party  recap when news of the party and the post party info. is revealed!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my 'lil Malt Cuz!



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