Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 04-20-2009 by
Vicki Sullivan
Misty Rose Sullivan
November 29 1995 - April 17 2009

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05-27-2010 7:44 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Wish You Were Here

There's a hush upon the world...
an overpowering silence

that cannot be broken.

For I will never see your face again

or hear your laughter fill the room

dancing eyes no more to cast their light

upon the darkest day.

I wish you were here...

how I wish you were here.

There's an empty place

no one can ever fill.

And from the depths of darkest night

only your light

could ever lead me home again.

Only your special grace

could fulfill the promise of the day.

I wish you were here...

how I wish you were here.

I turn amid the bustle of the day,

expecting to see you there.

A fleeting movement,

a glimpse of something familiar,

and my senses are flooded with you.

Shadows flicker in my memory

and slowly disappear.

I wish you were here...

how I wish you were here.

~ Unknown Author ~

05-26-2010 4:17 PM -- By: ,  From:  


God must have known there would be times
We'd need a word of cheer

Someone to praise a triumph
Or brush away a tear.

He must have known we'd need to share
The joy of "little things"

In order to appreciate
The happiness life brings.

I think he knew our troubled hearts
Would sometimes throb with pain

At trials and misfortunes
Or some goals we can't attain.

He knew we'd need the comfort
Of an understanding heart

To give us strength and courage
To make a fresh, new start.

He knew we'd need companionship

And so God answered the heart's great need
With a Cherished you.

~~ Author Unknown ~~

05-26-2010 3:21 PM -- By: Maddie,  From: Somewhere on a VIP club floor-FAR away....  


WAKE UP!!!!!! we are a wastin the day girl!!!!!!!

NO dream COULD be anywhere as good as russian chocolate which they are about to pour in the lobby! It MAY be tea time in London at 4, but in Russia it is CHOCOLATE at 3!!!!!!!

05-26-2010 2:20 PM -- By: ,  From:  


That first bright step into the sunshine of life
begins with the opening of the family cocoon.
The caterpillar becomes a butterfly
spreading her wings into the world.

What she is today is but a tiny mirror.
of the transformation that is yet to come.
For with time, love, humor and warmth
She is an everchanging masterpiece.

Whether as wife, mother, career woman or all,
she will find her center of peace.
A place that is hers and hers alone,
the essence of what she is and will be.

Using the instincts that each of us have
to find the good in each other.
to be a caring friend, lover, helper and playmate,
to listen and share, to laugh and to cry.

With loving support of family and friends,
she takes flight down an unknown road towards her future,
like the rising of the sun in the east.
Each day filled with new beginnings.

Finding excitement and challenge at each new turn.
Her flight through life filled with many happy adventures
and memories to put in her book of life,
as the sun moves along that steady path across the sky.

When the sun at last begins to set in the west
and her flight nears its end, she can look back along her path
and know that she has been everything she can be
and has done her very best.

05-26-2010 1:36 PM -- By: puck llewis ,  From:  

(puck stops by misty roses condo and notices the dreamland she is in.....she is smiling in her sleep....

puck whispering out  loud must be thinkin of mom or food.....he laffs....he sits his man bag down and gets out his lapdog computer...for a note to misty rose)

hi misty...just me

woof you

(he pluggs his little lapdog printer and prints the note out and leaves it on her doorstep with a hersheys kiss candie)

05-25-2010 7:57 PM -- By: Maddie,  From:  


Well, I DO declair!!!!!!!

Was THAT your lipstick on our tour guides collar???????


05-24-2010 10:18 PM -- By: Caliya,  From: Moscow Airport  

Go to my house to the Russia page!

05-24-2010 8:31 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Looking up into the sky watching beauty passing by

Night of love is in the wind
Touch me with your heart again

Share with me your special love
As stars collide with beauty of
Special thoughts within my view
Captured in my heart for you

Peace I find when you are near
Hold me in your heart with care
Fill me with such rhapsodies
Your music fills my reveries

Night of love within the air
Love surrounds us everywhere
Touch the moon and stars above
This beauty is a thing called love.

05-23-2010 3:07 PM -- By: ,  From:  

I had to say good-bye today
To the dearest friend I've known
And no one understands like me
Why my heart feels so alone
By my side to comfort me
When I wasn't at my best
You even loved me when I'd shout
Stop being such a pest

I won't forget the games we played
Or your favorite place to sleep
The hardest part will be coming home
And you not there at my feet
Everyday that precious face
Filled my world with gentle love
Now you're with the
Angels up above

(Still) it's so hard to say good-bye
Like my shadow I could
Count on you to be there
So don't mind the tears that I cry
It may take a little while to
Remember you and smile
It's the selfish part of me that wants
You right here back with me
Yes right here by my side
It's so hard to say good -bye

There will be days I know,
As I learn to let go
The rain in my heart'll feel like a river
Then like a soft gentle wind,
From the warmth of a friend
Instead of tears
I'll remember you and smile


05-20-2010 2:34 PM -- By: Luke,  From:  

Hi Misty Rose. Thankyou so much for helping me celebrate my Birthday and thank your mom for making all those beautiful pictures for my mom.


05-19-2010 8:29 AM -- By: Kelly,  From: Michigan  

Vicki, I want to thank you for your kind words and the wonderful picture of Pearl Ann on your dear Misty's memorial page. It's been 2 weeks today, and yes, each day does get a little better, but I still miss my sweet baby girl. I keep thinking she's lying under my desk here at work, or I feel her jumping up on the side of the bed. It's the kind people, like you, with your precious words that help me through the day. Thanks again

05-19-2010 7:33 AM -- By: ,  From:  

we both know it's time to go,
When golden eyes no longer glow,
Don't look at me with eyes so sad,
but think of better times we had,

When sunlight did upon us shine,
and happy days were yours and mine,

And through the grass we both did run,
and on our backs we felt the sun,

Think not of this dark final hour,
think not of when our lives turned sour,

Think not of hopelessness and pain,
but think of joy and laugh again,

For in that final act of love,
you released me to heaven above,

Where finally from pain I'm free,
where one day you will join with me,

Where together again we will rejoice,
and you and I as with one voice,

Will in perfect harmony sing,
of the joy and pain that love can bring,

And remember me just as I will,
always think of you until,

At last again I see your face,
grieve not, I am in a better place.


05-19-2010 6:25 AM -- By: ,  From:  


Thank you for the lovely picture you did of Gretel.  She was a gentle soul and I know the angels are watching over her and me.  This is day 5 without  her and it hurts so badly.  I just want to touch her soft face and velvet ears.  

Please keep in touch.  I appreciate your kindness so very much.



05-18-2010 3:21 PM -- By: ,  From:  

I need to tell you something,
That I hope will help you see...
I'm not sad in heaven,
Because God is here with me.

It was on the day I left you,
That I saw the tears you cried,
But please don't worry about me,
God keeps me by His side.

I'll save a place here for you,
In heaven next to me...
Where we can be together,
The way you wanted us to be.

For now, please know I love you,
And dry those tears you cry...
I'll wait for you in heaven,
Where we will never say goodbye

05-18-2010 7:31 AM -- By: ,  From:  

A Candlelight Glows In Memory


A candlelight glows in memory,

Of the love we still hold.

A life that touched so many,

Treasured gifts as memories unfold.

Our eyes well up with tears,

As we try to be strong.

Yet throughout our remaining years,

For their love we will long.

If we could just remember,

The Lord reaches out His hand.

He'll walk with us forever-

Help our hearts to understand.

Trusting Him to take our sorrow,

Faith He will see us through.

Will guide us towards tomorrow,

Filled with His blessings too.

So honor your precious loved one,

With the candlelight a glow.

Knowing your healing has begun,

As your teardrops gently

05-14-2010 4:55 PM -- By: Lauvern and Luke,  From:  

Ohhhh Vicky. Thankyou ever so much for the beautiful Birthday Picture of Luke. Thankyou for thinking of us and  for your kindness and generosity. I have  your picture on his Birthday page .Thankyou so so much. I love it.


05-13-2010 4:34 PM -- By: Maddie,  From: A Clearing In Africa  

-Maddie FINALLY calming down as Misty Rose tries to help her get ' BACK to NORMAL'. misty begins twisting the long hair on top of Maddies head back into her trademark, jaunty, just to one side ponytail.'Why, Maddie, I have never seen you look so terr......" Misty stops in mid sentence seeing the LOOK on Maddies face..."WHAT?" says Maddie in an angry voice "as I was sayin', Maddie" croons Misty in a soft voice....." I have never seen you look so ahhh......ahhhhh-TRIUMPHANT! Yes THATS it! TRIUMPHANT!" Maddie smiles  and thinks back on how Luke gave the bananna he was eating to the monkey in exchange for Maddies items the monkey Just insisting, for some s t r a n g e reason, on keeping the pony holder which was ok. because Maddie always carries plenty of extras.

05-13-2010 3:18 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Vicky. Thankyou so much for the Safari picture. How precious is that!!!!!!! Thankyou for the smile. I am sharing your pictures with all here at the shelter as well as showing them the stories. We are all having a laugh. We all agree your work is "JUST BEAUTIFUL". Thankyou for the smiles and picture.



05-13-2010 9:28 AM -- By: ,  From:  


Your face has left a memory
Of kindness, warmth, and safety.
Although I know they're gone now
Your love will always be with me.

When a quiet tear streams down my face
I think of your love's  embrace.
When a day I'm down and blue
I will always think of you.

Of all these emotions empowering me.
I know that you are always here
Whispering "I love you" in my ear.

I wish so much
You didn't go
But I guess you had to
For reasons I do not know.
I miss your face
Wiping a tear.
I miss  always
Holding me near.

I can't wait til the day
I see you once more
But I know until then
My heart will be sore.

Now each of my days
I will live for you
Sometimes it'll be hard,
But I can pull through.

I know you'll be watching
And smiling above

05-12-2010 7:16 PM -- By: Henry,  From:  

Misty Rose and Cuddles I want to thank you two for visiting and for keeping my two company while we are apart. They told me they had a real fun time and they liked the game of catch me the best. Now that they can run again that is all they want to do. Vicki thank you for the picture of my little buddy. I put it on their site already and he was so thrilled. Henry

05-10-2010 5:34 PM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Vicki, Misty Rose and Cuddles. Thankyou ever so much for the picture of our bridge kids in Germany. "JUST BEAUTIFUL" Thankyou so much for thinking of us.




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