Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 04-20-2009 by
Vicki Sullivan
Misty Rose Sullivan
November 29 1995 - April 17 2009

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04-23-2010 8:05 AM -- By: Janice, Duke & our furbabies family,  From:  

Happy 1st Year Angel Anniversary to you Misty Rose with much love, hugs and kisses.  Many hugs to you to Vicki. It must be hard!   Thinking of you and Misty Rose.

04-22-2010 9:07 AM -- By: ,  From:  

No Goodbyes
I am standing right beside you
And I wonder why you cry,
I see such pain and sorrow
I see the hurt that's in your eyes.
Do not wish me back for one last kiss
Please don't wait for me to wake,
Just know how much I love you
I wish no longer your heart to ache.
You need not ever let go of me
Your friend forever I will be,
I'll be always by your side
The tough times together we'll see.
So to my friends I bid you
An oh so great farewell,
Time stands still but for no one
Go and live your lives and tell.
Tell all those that you meet
The old friends and those new,
Although you lost a friend today
You'll get chance to see him soon.
The world knows that I've gone today
But do not mourn for me,
I am happy here just watching
All the world I can now see.
To my family sitting here
And those so far away,
How proud I am of all you do
In each and every way.
I will watch you as you sleep tonight
Be with you all the days,
I’ll be there through the good and bad
My love shall never fade.
Live your life without regrets
And be happy everyday,
For knowing you has made my life
So special in every way.
My time has come to go now
But this is no goodbye,
If you ever need to talk to me
I am always by your side.


04-21-2010 11:04 PM -- By: ,  From:  

The Presence of You

In momentary times of calm
I hear you call my name,
And turn to catch a glimpse of you …
Through weary eyes I strain.

Dimension lost to timeless realm,
Illusions persevere,
Through trickery of mind or light, 
I see your presence near.

Though lost to life, not memory,
I feel you manifest,
And bring to mind the love I knew
Too often long repressed.

You rise to meet me on this path, 
The one I walk alone,
Not ghostly, nor ethereal … 
No trepidation known.

You bring to me, tranquility,
A peacefulness sets in …
I linger in the twilight found
From low the depths within.

In parallel, we saunter down
Our lane of memories,
Conversing on the life we shared
Before these boundaries.

I greet you as if yesterday 
We strolled in tandem here …
Though in the score of truth and time, 
‘Twas long ago my dear.

04-21-2010 10:28 PM -- By: Susan and Pebbles,  From: NJ  

 Your kindness and sympathy at this time are more appreciated than any words can ever express.  I  also want to extend my sympathy to you for Misty Rose angel day. I know how much you miss her.

04-21-2010 7:53 PM -- By: Lauvern ,  From:  

Vicky. Thankyou for the beautiful picture of my KC. I will treasure it forever. Thankyou for your kindness and generosity shown to me and many others. Your kindness will always be remembered by me. I love the picture of Kc and will put it up on his temporary page for now but i will make him a special page when i am up to it and it will certainly be on that new page. For now it is just too hard to work on his page. Thankyou again from the bottom of my heart.

Hugs Lauvern, Kc and Luke


04-21-2010 9:19 AM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Vicky. What a beautiful 1st year angel day, you have created for your beautiful Misty Rose. I just got finished reading all about the happening. How precious!!!!!!! Your pictures are just BEAUTIFUL as always. I know Misty Rose must just be smiling down at her mommy and so proud of you. A beautiful Angel with her golden wings!!! "Just so precious".Thankyou for sharing her with us.



04-21-2010 2:16 AM -- By: Linda,  From: NJ  

Hi Vicki-

Thats too cute. Yes, if you could email me that I will do it tomorrow. I had to delete the other page, I had problems with the software & Milos Bday happening page was just an x with no picture, I could never fix it, dont know what happened but I had software problems. That picture is too cute, thanks.

04-20-2010 9:33 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Though many miles may separate us
I feel close to you in my heart
Though I can't reach out and touch you,
I feel like we're never apart.
Author Unknown


04-20-2010 10:13 AM -- By: Lauvern ,  From:  

Hi Vicki. Thankyou so much for your sympathy during our time of loss. Your kind words are of great comfort to us as we grieve the sudden and unexpected death of KC. Thankyou for being you.



04-20-2010 12:51 AM -- By: jules,  From:  

you are welcome misty rose and vicki have a great week


jules and butler

04-20-2010 12:18 AM -- By: Cuddles,  From:  

Hey Sis!!!  Guess what?  Caliya's door is unlocked!

04-19-2010 11:24 PM -- By: Linda,  From: NJ  


I knew you would have a beautiful angel day. From what I read it was a grand celebration for a beautiful special angel. Vicki- I know these past few weeks have been so hard. Just picture the beautiful day Misty shared with Cuddles and all the special fur babies she has met. I seen this poem online & immediately thought of Misty.

The Master's Garden

The Master had a garden
Filled with flowers everywhere
Each day he'd water, feed and prune--
He'd tend each rose with care
And as he'd walk by each flower
His face shone with delight
His eyes would glow, his heart would sing
They were a lovely sight.
But back in one dark corner
A lonely rosebud stood
The water couldn't reach it
It was weak from want of food.
The rays of sunlight never touched it's face
It's warmth it could not feel
And soon the lack took its toll
And the rosebud could not heal.
It slowly began to wither
It's color began to wane
This rosebud would never blossom
Destined to die in lonely pain.
One day the master was strolling
Through his garden grand and bright
When he noticed in the corner
A small pathetic sight.
The single, withered rosebud
Its head bowed low in shame
For it had brought no pleasure
And felt it was to blame.
But the master with his loving hands
Began to tend the rose
He watered, fed and pruned it
And spoke in sweet repose.
He cleared a path for sunlight
So its warmth the rose would feel
And around the small and weakened stem
Was placed the master's seal.
The rose began to bud again
It's flower rich and lush
And soon the single rosebud
Became a glorious bush.
The master made a special place
And put the rosebush there
Its blossoms glistened with beauty
Its fragrance filled the air.
And each day as the master
Would relish in its rebirth
The rosebush bowed in loving gratitude
For the master gave it worth.


04-19-2010 4:41 PM -- By: ,  From:  

If there is a heaven, it's certain our animals are to be there. Their lives become so interwoven with our own, it would take more than an archangel to detangle them."

04-19-2010 4:04 PM -- By: pucks mom lisa ,  From:  

vicki and beautiful misty rose and cuddles to ...

your pages for misty rose are beautiful!   puck and his mom have the best friends and dads-ya know cuddles - ever!   

thank you for bringing misty rose and cuddles to puck and myself....

family and friends are puck would bark...


04-19-2010 4:01 PM -- By: puckcuddlesllewishalvorsonsullivan ,  From:  

(incognito .... one puck llewis halvorson schneider aka cuddles sullivan - from the pup-arazzi puck obtained a photo of cuddles (aka dad)  and taped the cuddles photo to a hot pink balloon that he  n a b b e d   from the swarees saturday and yesterday.....he thinks it would be funny to be cuddles and see if he can really and truly make misty rose wonder if its friend or b r o ....

he skips along holding the ballon and the photo ...he passes in front of mistys condo and hides behind a tree.....

he sees misty rose and she is sitting down to lunch of potatoe salad - ham salad sammiches and nice slice cherry pie...he smiles again..... 

he has purr-ty good bearings as he puts the  'cuddles balloon'  to his head and starts strutting by..... .

....because of   'balloon cuddles'  puck is unaware of how crooked he is walking runs right into mistys condo

...thru the front door

right out the back door....


puck had walked right into the scooter he used on saturday....misty rose comes to the rescue and helps puck up as she smiles.....the  'balloon cuddles'  didnt pop but puck is now wearing the photo of dad-cuddles on the top of his head ..the  tape didnt stick very well to the balloon but in the aftermath of his thunking .... dadcuddles photo is stuck on his muffin top.....

while still holding the ballon -  he is talking to misty who is trying not to she is now staring at a very hot  pink ballon head as puck is still holding the balloon in front of his head.....

misty laffs and acts surprised as puck removes the hot pink balloon and he     y e l l s its me - puck a llewis.....

they chat as puck again gives Angel versary wishes to misty rose...and talks about the golden cord that will never be broken.....he has some pie with misty rose...and sammich....

he blows kisses on the vicki and he is off again....

misty rose laffs as puck no doubt thought he pulled a fast one....she looks down at the hot pink balloon puck had handed her and she smiles as she looks at the back of puck with cuddles photo slipping down pucks muffin top she shakes her head as puck is wearing cuddles photo on the back of his head....

misty laffs ... and says to herself  oh puckcuddlesllewishalvorsonsullivan....

04-19-2010 2:12 PM -- By: ,  From:  

(Grace E. Easley)

Memories are heartbeats
Sounding through the years
Echoes never fading
Of our smiles and our tears.
Moments that are captured
Sometimes unaware
Pictured in an album
Or a lock of hair.

Images that linger
Deep within the mind
Bit of verse we cherished
Once upon a time.
Through the musty hallways
Of the days we knew
Ever comes the vision
Beautiful and true.

Memories are roses
Blooming evermore
Full of fragrant sweetness
Never known before.
Life must have a meaning
Goals for which to strive
Memories are lights that burn
To keep the heart alive

04-18-2010 3:42 PM -- By: MISTY ROSE,  From: REVIEW  

Dear Mommy,

I wrote you a LONG letter telling you about ALL the wonderful happenings at my One Year angel party  

Not sure why but it went to review.

Hope you get to read it  REAL soon!

XoXo, Misty Rose and  Maddie

04-18-2010 3:38 PM -- By: Maddie,  From: Highlights of Misty Rose's BIG day  

-Misty Rose STILL snuggled down in her fluffy pink comforter in her usual nest of at LEAST 6, 100 percent goose-down pillows inserted in pretty pink and white cases. She stretches out in that Half awake/half asleep state that she loves SOoo much. Cuddles and Maddie have had brunch and decided to "let 'SLEEPING DOGS 'lie"(or is it 'LAY'?) HMmmm... that little detail begins to escape Misty as she sleepily REMEMBERS yesterdays happenings at Rainbow Bridge during her FIRST angel year party, yesterday:

-The morning opened with BRIGHT sunshine, bluebirds chirping and a breeze just strong enough to kiss your face without messing up your hair. Honeysuckle and orchids could be smelled on the light breeze. The sky was a perfect immitation of aqua and white cotton candy when spun together, in OTHER words, a PERFECT day at Rainbow Bridge.

-Misty Rose yawned and stretched her little white, furry arms above her head and as usual, promptly fell back to sleep. Suddenly, with a start, Misty jumped to her feet,at the same time smoothing out her flowered pink P.J. bottoms and jumping right into her plush pink slippers, the ones with the pom-pom tails and little bunny faces with sewed on ears, one ear partially chewed off by Hammy(Rainbow Bridge's own 'Hamster in Residence') on a day where he was having some 'ISSUES". "OH my Goodness!!!' stated Misty OUT LOUD, "TODAY is MY angel day! One whole year at Rainbow Bridge!" Maddie had told her that the kids were planning a GRAND celebration of the MOST festive sort. Just then Misty felt a prickly sensation on her back, not entirely unpleasant, just a teeny, tiny bit prickly, like something was growing there....Misty Rose almost did  NOT dare to turn around and look in the gold-edge mirror on a shiny brass stand that Maddie & Cuddles hed wheeled into her room yesterday. misty recognized the mirror from one of the fancy dressing rooms downstairs at the girls little boutique. Misty VERY slowly turned to look just a little in the big Maddtique mirror and with a start jumped back...there in the mirror was a reflection of a little Maltese girl in flowered P Js, wearing pink bunny slippers with Huge, golden, feathered wings that also GLOW sticking up at a jaunty angle from her back. SOOo different from the tiny wings growing out of the little buds around her shoulder area the night before.'Why they are JUST as beautiful as Maddies, thought  Misty. Like magic, Mistys wings fit right under her little quilted robe when she throws it on to go and show the others.

-Maddie & cuddles were still finishing coffee and reading the paper,HEAVENLY NEWS, when Misty Rose burst into the room and quickly  threw off her little robe. Both Cuddles and Maddie claped in unison and together all three little fur-angles decended to the terrace to have Misty give her wings a try. Misty balanced oh-so -perfectly on the white iron dining table and Maddie stood right beside her giving just the most gentle push and OFF SHE WENT-looking down at  her brother Cuddles who being the watchful Big brother insisted on standing right below JUST IN CASE......."No onder I was dreaming of flying last night! no wonder!' called out Misty. This was the happiest Cuddles has ever seen his sister since the day one year ago she came to Rainbow bridge and they met for the first time, the day Cuddles introduced Misty to his Maltese friend, Maddie, already at the Bridge for almost 4 mos. The fur-kids came inside for steaming hot cups of cuddles famous blend of Snicker-Doodle coffee topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings and shared stories of the first day they all met......

-As afternoon decended upon Rainbow Bridge, the day just became better and better and Misty rose  was FINALLY allowed into the room over at Maddies place that Cuddles and Maddie had been decorating for days.

-All the living room furniture had been put in storage and the rugs taken up showing perfectly pollished blond wood floors making room for little white damask cloth, draped tables set up around the room with glass platters and stemware glasses, tiered trays and flowers and angel decorations. The center of the room kept open for all the expected dancing. The drapes were pulled back  opening up the raised terrace with white iron railings to the room. The music stands were set up and ready to go for  Luke and the Boxers Down by The Lake to play and a special microphone was set up to capture Dales lovely singing voice. The double doors between Misty's & Maddie's adjoining kitchen were pulled open to make one giant space in which cuddles and his catering Co., 2-Malts & A Poodle, were working. A hard back BRAND NEW book was open upon the counter titled simply "CALIYA THROWS A PARTY"." AHhhhhh" thought B OTH  Maddie & Misty in unison,"THAT is why Caliya has been SOoo PRIVATE and NO one has seen much of her. She has been writing a book!" Cuddles was taking a quick look at the chapter on  Caliyas ideas of appitizer display, laughing to himself that  IF Caliya WERE setting THIS up, there would be NO appitizers to display!!!!!!

-VARRrroooommmmmmm.......into the shell lined, curved driveway  came an SUV loaded, absolutely LOADED with bags and boxes and trays. 'ALL the food from Malta!" yelled Maddie in excitment. the cousins are here! The Maltese cousins Garcia,Little Annie,Baci,Pebbles and 1/2 cuz Luna began quickly to unload the treasure. "The very FINEST Malta has to offer", they ALL quipped in unison. Saada soon pulled up with Baily & gretchen with trays of cheese from the continental side of Rainbow Bridge. Kia pulled up in a hummer full of bubbly(NON-alcoholic, of course. Jules and Princess baby girl spent what seemed like hours  setting up gifts while Molly, buster and Duke made sure every glass was full and circulated through the condos with filled stemware on silver trays. Moochie, Daisy & Milo helped Puck at his dads carving station while Fayeroe tippy and a few others got the dancing started.  Sammy and bob m. served the salads(Sammy shaking his head as he never "GOT' the idea of salad, but for those who love it(AND it IS # 1 for Miss Misty Rose, as her fridge will prove-1/2 way filled with iceburg lettuce) there is tossed salad, greek style and Ceaser, Potato, Pasta, ham and a lovely Chicken Terragon/mint(YES, Sammy, MINT!) prepared by none other than Miss Maddie from MUTTha Stew-Pup's new spring cook book.

-The cake  stood magnifficent in the corner with all its layers and Dollie's famous, not too sweet cream cheese iceing, and pink sugar rosebuds and  just ONE sparkle candle burning continuously in the center.

-The dancing and merry-making went on 'till the wee hours, Luke and the Boxers NEVER performed better and Dale's voice was described as "THE NEXT ELVIS"!

-when the evening came to a close and the kids little tummy's were SO full of all the wonderful offerings including Cuddles Cherry pie on his home-made bird bath stand, the stars had come out and the moon cast a warm glow by which the kids could find their way home....  All in All it was a wonderful day and evening a party to NEVER be forgotton. Misty Rose felt the love all around herBOTH from her new friends at the Bridge and from back home on Earth where Misty's mommy, Vicki, felt the kisses Misty Rose sent from Heaven cascading down upon a  dew kisses   a ROSE in the spring-time morning air......


04-18-2010 8:16 AM -- By: ,  From:  

rememberMe with Love...
Author Unknown

As years pass by, and others rarely mention my name,
remember me with love.
take a moment to say my name out loud.
If tears fall, let them.
Wherever you are, know that I am.
I live in your heart, mind and soul.
Don't worry, you will never forget me
and we will be together again.
I have taught you many things
in a way nothing else possibly could.
Don't waste this lesson,
use the love you still have to give to others.
Comfort others who have had a loss, do it in my memory.
A little bit of me, lives on in each person you touch.
You have the power to make my legacy,
one that I would be proud of.
Light a candle, buy a rose, perform an act of kindness.
Our love is so great,
no remembrance could ever be large enough
to show how much you love me,
for true love has no boundaries.
And don't forget, I love you too.
Look at a puffy cloud, flower or bird and have no doubt;
my angel spirit is.
Contemplate the many gifts I've left,
how I've affected your life in a good way.
I've shown you how precious life is
and given you a greater appreciation of it.
I've let you discover how strong you really are.
I hope my short time here has made you discover what is really important
Has it made you a better person? I hope so!
Your faith has been tested, and hopefully it has strengthened.
I hope your heart is filled with peace.
Most of all, know that our love is eternal.
If you think of me today, I will be rejoicing from above.
To know you have remembered me 
Remember me with love!

04-17-2010 11:42 PM -- By: Luna,  From:  


The breeze is really picking up outside and at the bridge, all our little ones were all fluttering about ... it's lil Misty Ros's first angel day and they are celebrating. Yes she has her wings!!!  She was so amazed at their beauty she kept on opening  them, then closing them, then opening them and closing them .... causing the air to raeally pick up speed ... being such a quick learner she knew it would send our thoughts soaring  ... and wanted nothing more than to spread her wings and fly.

So much activity at the bridge, each of the kids played, dancing, singing and eating ... so  many balloons graced the sky ... suspended by a string no one could see. as our little ones danced about they too danced and spun in the sky casting reflections across the bridge, the illuminations were so tranquil, some spining as their reflection glimmered all over the bride, it made our kids smile.

In their hearts they are oh so happy,  they each other and with them  a special gift, our love and they keep it with them always. Soon the night began to dance among the stars as they danced brighter than ever in the sky  ... as Misty lifted her head up high she began to smile ... all of a sudden her cake was weeled in to the room, OMG it was beautiful! It mad many layers and as the candles glowed ... their was a warmth that culd be felt around them ... it was our love and all the well wishes and thoughts being sent her way ... as she stood there surrouded by her friends the  candles let out a warm glow ... Mosty Rose stood in front of the cake, bent her head and made a wish ... "Mommy and all our friends at home ...  May you know how much all your love has meant to me and how I have it with me still, the life we  shared  was so wonderfulI can't begin to tell you, but I will give ou deep thoughts, memories and dreams ... when you are sad and missing me remember .... love does not vanish, it only changes form, and one day we will be with each other again. She lifts her head and blows out the candles whispering "a lifetime of happiness" ... and my love ... it will be with you still, may it always surround you ... With that Misty blew out the candles and the flames flickered and danced, just as the stars would fill the night sky their love will alwyas fill our heart.

That night when her mommy went to bed  Misty curled up beside her ... can you feel the warmth mama,  know in your heart my love will always surround you! and the kindness of all my friends too!

Upon the wings of angels we send you our dream, the one in which when you realize ... they will always  be with you. Many Hugs, Luna and her mom Nadine

Many hugs and tiny kisses, Luna & her mom Nadine

04-17-2010 9:52 PM -- By: Skye & Molly,  From:  

Stopping by to honor and remember precious Misty Rose on her 1st Angel-versary.
May you run free with joy in your heart and spend wonderful hours playing with Cuddles and all of your friends in beautiful Heavenly fields today, sweet Misty Rose!
And may you always remember just how very much you are LOVED!
ADORABLE MISTY ROSE -- We Celebrate You Today!   :)
"What we have once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose.
For all that we love deeply becomes a part of us."
~ (Helen Keller )

04-17-2010 6:58 PM -- By: Dorothy,  From:  

Remembering your precious Misty Rose on her 1st angelversary.  What a beautiful video of all her pictures, such beauty should only be in heaven....May her spirit and memory always make you smile and leave a warm feeling in your heart...These little white angels are missed so very much, heaven only knows.......

I never thought I could I go on living when you died, but ~ I did.
I never thought I would survive after burying you, but ~ I did.
I never thought I'd get through those first days, weeks and months, but ~ I did.
I never thought I would be able to endure the first anniversary of your death, but ~ I did.
I never thought tomorrow would be different, but ~ it was.
I never thought I would stop crying for you, but ~ I have.
I never thought that I would ever sing again, but ~ I have.
I never thought the pain would "soften," but ~ it has.
I never thought I would care if the sun shone again, but ~ I do.
I never thought I would be able to entertain again, but ~ I have.
I never thought I would be able to control my grief, but ~ I can.
I never thought I could function without medication again, but ~ I can.
I never thought I'd smile again, but ~ I do.
I never thought I would laugh out loud again, but ~ I do.
I never thought I would look forward to tomorrow, but ~ I do.
I never thought I'd reconcile your death, but ~ I have.
I never thought I would be able to create that "new normal," but ~ I have.
I never thought I'd want to go on living after you died, but ~ I do.
Always missing you,
always loving you,
and thinking of you daily,
with a smile on my face ~
and tears in my heart.

-- Author Unknown


04-17-2010 5:25 PM -- By: Michelle,  From:  

Hi Vicki,

I could not let the day pass without wishing you well. I know how hard this day is. Without the friends our fur angels brought to us think of how much harder it would be. I am sure your precious Misty Rose is close by you today wishing she could comfort you with a kiss or snuggle.  Remember your girl with the love and joy she would wish you to and do something today that your enjoyed doing with her in remembrance of your years together.


Her Journey's Just Begun
Don't think of her
as gone away-
her journey has just begun.
Life holds many facets,
the Earth is only one.

Just think of her
as resting from
the sorrows and the tears,
in a place of
warmth and comfort
where there are
no days and years.

Think how
she must be wishing
that we could know today,
how nothing
but our sadness
can really pass away.

And think of her
as living
in the hearts
of those she touched,
For nothing loved
is ever lost-
And she was loved
so much.
Author Unknown

04-17-2010 4:08 PM -- By: pat and fayeroe and tippy,  From: the wild, wild west  

Fragile Circle

"We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached.
Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way.
We cherish memory as the only certain immortality,
never fully understanding the necessary plan."

Irving Townsend.

J.J. made a freezer of special ice cream and Fayeroe blew up the balloons....Henrietta guarded the food and Tippy played his mandolin.......Smut just ran around acting foolish!

04-17-2010 11:48 AM -- By: Maddie,  From: The Condo  


In the driveway spins Maddies little convertable-

ABSOLUTELY Loaded! Thank goodness for convertables thinks Maddie as she begins to unload more appitizers and the makings for MORE punch.

Another VARROOMMMmmmmmmm.......

Up behinf Maddies little convertable comes Luke in his truck packed with wrapped gifts from Maddtique and huge instraments. In Gold letters the side of the truck says 'LUKE & THE BOXERS DOWN BY THE LAKE' The lettering was a gift to Luke from Maddie and she smiles at old English lettering she had ordered. SOooo Luke, she thinks to herself, a dreamy, far-away look on her little white face. "Maddie, STOP daydreaming and CARRY-ON" booms Luke, his deep baritone voice startling the daydreaming Maddie. HUmmmmmph....thinks Maddie. He would NOT BOOM out at me THAT way IF he KNEW I was daydreaming 'bout HIM!  MEN!!!!!!! In spite of her irritation, Maddie DOES carry on and needless to say, Luke just melts at the sight of little Maddie and hands her a perfect Pink rose from the heavenly garden Maddie & Misty have planted...a rose for HIS Rosebud AND Luke's mamma  was alwas RIGHT and she taught him RIGHT. The lady is ALWAYS right !(even when it does NOT seem THAT way)

The two fur-angels, Maddie & Luke work hard to unload everything with cuddles help. Cuddles is mumbling something about where is his son when you NEED help when a scooter suddenly turns into the curved shell driveway. Puck driving with Lunaon the back, shiny black hair blowing in the wind.

"Many  PAWS  makes light of work", chirps Luna and before long the convertable and truck and what was tied onto the scooter is unloaded and brought into the condo above Maddtique.

Dale begins setting up instraments on the terrace for Lukes band and he carefully sets up his microphone  to the perfect height for his solo...special just for Misty Rose.

The day is beautiful. The weather just unbelievable A little like Fla., a little like Hawaii, a little like Figi....GOSH, it is JUST NOT describable! It is  HEAVEN, after all. Sunshine, lightly floral scented breezes, the kind that never mess your hair but just kiss your face, ever so lightly and NEVER let the kids out on the little sailboats in the harbor become becalmed. Blue birds fly overhead and the sounds of waterfalls in the gardens behind Maddtique can be heard...why the heady sent of the ocean can be smelled everywhere, and at night the coolness of the mountains comes down to surround the little fur angels making sleeping out under the stars just a dream. Misty's mom did a picture of her with her easter eggs in all THAT lushness. Misty REALLY wondered JUST how her mamma had pictured it OH SO RIGHT...... Must have been when I brought her here in THAT dream a while back, Misty finally decided.

Caliya and Gretchen & baily and Kia are out back decorating the Gazebo.....All the gifts are to be piled in the little white structure and WHAT is THAT in the Birdbath??????? The Bluebirds just keep flying by in SUCH a confused way. "SHOOOOOO.......oooooo....." yells Cuddles waving his arms, "DO NOT touch THAT Cherry pie! My sisters Fav. and I stayed up ALL night making it!"  Every cherry was hand-picked by Cuddles and the crust was made of the finest ingredients with the flaky-ness only REAL creamery butter can impart.

TODAY, The FIRST year Angelversary Of Misty Rose, EVERYONE is OFF their diets!

04-17-2010 11:29 AM -- By: Lauvern and Luke,  From:  

Hi Vicky. Stopping by in rememberance and to honor your pretty little angel on her 1St,  angelversary. May the happy memories of Misty Rose  bring comfort to you today and always. Hugs.

Happy 1st. Angelversary beautiful Misty Rose.


04-17-2010 11:26 AM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

Vicki, remembering your precious little girl, Misty Rose, on her One Year Angelversary. What wonderful pages you have made for her special day. The Life in Heaven is a great page with your 2 babies, and the One Year Gone writing really touched my heart, that is very beautiful. I know this day is a hard one, but I hope the memories you hold close to your heart can bring a smile to your face today. I know Saada and all the angels at Rainbow Bridge will be making Misty Rose's day extra special. Sending big hugs and warm thoughts your way today.

This Tender Path

There was a time not long ago
I couldn't feel you near,
I'd cry myself to sleep at night
and watch dawn break through tears.

Encased in pain and sorrow
I couldn't plainly see
the essence of your precious soul
waiting for me so patiently.

I searched my heart with restless speed
but the desperate pace I'd set
caused a shroud to camouflage
the loving signs you sent.

In your own angelic way
you stilled my hurried quest
to reaffirm the love we shared
and put my fears to rest.

You let me know it mattered not
our length of time together,
for time can't measure what we had
nor can our bond it sever.

You showed me that the grief we feel
is a necessary challenge,
and support we give to grieving souls
should remain steadfast in balance.

Learning kindness and compassion
I walk this tender path with care
in the knowledge that your love lives on
through the common bond we share.

I won't take my purpose lightly
and your message is not lost…
Give back the love that's paved upon
this tender path I walk.

(by Terri Onorato)

04-17-2010 10:47 AM -- By: ,  From:  

I'm not gone...not really.
I haven't gone away...I've only gotten bigger.
My eyes, so bright, now shine among the stars.
My voice sings with the wind in winter, as I leap
And dance among the tree tops.
I stalk the blown leaves in autumn, and brush the
Flowers gently in the spring.
I come to you in dreaming, on feet grown dreamtime soft,
And lay my cheek against yours, and whisper:
"Peace be with you."
Someday we will play again together, you and I, among the stars.
'Til then, fear not to love, for your love gave my life meaning.
And I return that love to you...a hundredfold...a thousandfold...


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