Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 04-20-2009 by
Vicki Sullivan
Misty Rose Sullivan
November 29 1995 - April 17 2009

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08-24-2009 11:44 PM -- By: Lauvern and Luke,  From:  

Hi Vicki. I just wanted to stop in and say Hello as i was visiting some memorials. Although i don't get much computer time since i opened the shelter,i like to revisit and just stay in touch with all my critters friends. How are you doing? I hope things are getting some easier for you. I love the memorial tribute you have made for precious Misty. I am working on fixing up Luke's tribute pages. I hope to have some free time soon. Take care and know you are always in my thoughts. Hugs.  p/s Am going to visit Cuddles now. Hugs.

Misty Rose. You are such a pretty girl. I hope you have met Luke by now as i know he would like you. He always liked the smaller dogs and felt he had to protect anything or anyone smaller then him. We love you Misty......Luke and his mom.


08-24-2009 7:20 PM -- By: Henry,  From: NY  

Misty and Vicki thank you for visiting with Gretchen on her 4 year  Angel day. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious little girl Misty Rose.We are never totally alone though  as they are with us in our hearts and memories and will be there  untill we are reunited with  them again.  Henry

08-24-2009 2:02 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Hi baby.  I am sure missing you.  Dad is leaving for a few days.  It sure will be lonely around here with just me.  Love you baby girl.

I put a video on one of your pages.  Made me cry.  I'll write again later.  Must get some sleep.  Love you, mom

08-24-2009 12:37 AM -- By: Janice, Duke, Samuel and RB Family,  From:  

Hi there Misty Rose,

Stopping by to say hello, and to send you our love, hugs and kisses.  Having a great ole' time with all your many friends?  I can only imagine darling lady.  Love you.

08-23-2009 2:01 AM -- By: mom,  From:  

Goodnight sweetheart.  I love and miss you.

08-22-2009 12:28 AM -- By: sherri&maddie,  From: Ma. usa  


Misty-how is your mom???  xo, Maddie

GET WELL SOON!!!!!!     xo, Maddie & mommy, Sherri

[Maddie made the card on pink construction paper with little embossed hearts] Might carry them at Mattique this fall. No its not Hallmark, its" Mattmark".

08-21-2009 8:52 PM -- By: deb and kia,  From:  

Vicki I found this poem today anf thought it was pretty so I am sharing.......

Love bonds us all. Even when we think we are separate. Never be deluded with this lie. This lie that helps us experience each other as separate. Know that it is a trick that helps us play the game of life and death.

But we animals know better. That is why we are never afraid of death. We are also never afraid to live just as we are because we are not threatened by death.

We have come together with you on this journey to assist, to love, to learn, to teach and to share. We thank you for this opportunity. We cherish every moment of it and hope you did too. Now we are at the end of this chapter of our journey and we must go Home. A Home we share and have never truly left.

When you find this Home in you, you will find me there. Eternally with you and together. Separation doesn't exist. I will be Home waiting for you. Be brave and continue with your human journey, as it is important. We will always be together. I am only a breath away from you.

Don't be sad about my leaving, I am only going Home to relax before the next adventure. Everyone needs a holiday :) My life continues forever, you can be assured of that. I have done well for you. Now it is time for me to move on and learn new things.

Understand the circle of life, death and beyond and you will never have to miss me again.

We have never been apart in the first place

08-21-2009 12:14 AM -- By: Victoria,  From: Oceanside  

Hi Misty, pretty lil Girl thanks for the birthday wishes, it was so kind of you,,,I read your story, I hope you did not suffer, it sounds like you had such a wonderful mom I hope you and Harley are running all ovr the rainbow bridge,,, kisses....... Victoria thanks vicki

08-20-2009 12:20 PM -- By: Sherri&Maddie,  From: The Maddtique,a few doors down from Lunettas  

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED-training is on the job!!!!!!!

Misty, you take care of mom FIRST! Afterall, IF we are "cousins-2of a kind" your mom is sorta my aunt-

Watch over your mom& keep in touch, the job is yours anytime you are ready!!!!!

Vicki-feel better real fast. Not fun to be sick in the summer.  take care, Sherri

08-18-2009 9:51 AM -- By: Sherri&Maddie,  From: Ma. usa  

Misty Rose,

Oh, WOW do I ever NEED help at the Mattique!!! I need a manager, will you, PLEASE??? Also some spring green bows came in, just perfect with our "summer frocks"-I set 2 aside for you and one for myself,[I got used to just one "pony", topknot, on Earth, so keeping it the same here so my mom will  know its me someday at the bridge AND it helps people tell US apart, ya know, "cousins, two of a kind".    xo, Maddie

Vicki, so sorry you are sick,HOPE it is nothing serious. Maddie sends her best, as well.   Sherri

08-18-2009 1:30 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Goodnight sweetheart.  Hope you 4 month Angel day was fun for you.

Love and Kisses, Mom

08-17-2009 10:02 PM -- By: Kia,  From:  

hey Misty  that was a good party.,this is Kia  , your page is pretty your Mom did , My mom is un the weather   and not up to her normal self,  happy angel day, I have to go watch over her tonight as I know she misses me alot.  I was her little girl ,    sleep in my cloud tonight  little girl

08-17-2009 3:15 PM -- By: Bettyann,  From:  


08-17-2009 3:12 PM -- By: Bettyann,  From:  

Hi Vicki n Beautiful Misty Rose,  thanks so much for stoppin by ....been kinda sad here. We just lost our very god friend to cancer and found out yesterday another frend has lukemia , and it is incureable....too far advanced . A U G H. I do hope everything is well with you , hope not as bad as my summer has been going. Vicki ,  just saw Misty's 4month Angel page Beautiful , made me cry, but thenI do have a very heavy heart these last few weeks. It really is Beautiful , you havedone a wonderful job on Misty's memorial.  Big Hugs and Much Love.

08-16-2009 11:55 PM -- By: Gina & Saada,  From:  

Hi Vicki and precious Misty Rose, just stopping by to see that adorable girl of yours on her 4-Month Angel Day. I just read through your beautiful "Four Months Without You" page, it is absolutely lovely with all the artwork, and the music is perfect!  The Spirit Of A Dog poem always gets to me and brings tears, but I love it and have it on Saada's poem page too. My thoughts are with you today. Hugs, Gina

08-16-2009 12:40 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Misty:   I know it's a day early, but I finished your 4 month Angel Day page.  I hope it shows just how much I miss and love you.

Love you always,


08-15-2009 11:35 AM -- By: Sandy,  From: Santa Clarita, CA  

Hi Misty Rose,  Thank you so much for thinking of my Casey on her birthday.  It has been almost 2 years since she left and I still cry and miss her every day.  I  hope you and Casey are taking care of each other and know that you both are loved and missed!

08-14-2009 8:25 AM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi again Vicky. I just got back from visiting Cuddles so had to stop in and say Hello to precious Misty as well.

Hi Misty


08-13-2009 11:50 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Hi baby.  I've been working on your 4 month page.  I hope you approve of it when I'm done.  I miss you so much.  I really love you sweetheart.  It's so hard to believe you have been gone for 4 months.  Kisses baby.

08-12-2009 10:24 AM -- By: Maddie,  From: Ma. usa&up there  

Dear Misty mommy, Miss Vicki,

Thank you for letting Misty Rose help in the "Madtique". She has a wonderful talent for window display.......Oh, my! ALL the new "man bags" from Moochie!!! Our window on the left is all just for the boys and I was just stumped! Misty to the rescue!

LUV, Maddie

08-11-2009 4:19 AM -- By: Laurie,  From: Hawaii  


Thank you for stopping by to visit Daisey's memorial on her first Angel Day. This is a hard time for me, and the love and kindness I am receiving from total strangers overwhelms me and helps me get through it.

Misty was a beauty, a little sweetheart. I can imagine how much you miss her.

love, Laurie

08-10-2009 2:47 PM -- By: Maddie,  From: I think its called "the bridge"  

Hi! Misty Rose, wanna help me unpack an order in the new  little shop-maybe called Mattique? Really cute hairbows, girlie tees, "Poochie-designer bags" all the stuff we girls LOVE! also there is a line of "man-bags" by Poochie, called the MOOCHIE man bag, AND some sweaters for the guys, too-you know, the FRENCH guys-Very into fashion! I put aside 2 new pink bows for you, non slip elastic and all,[our hair is SO silky]

xo, Maddie p.s.-mommy thinks Maybe we are cousins!

08-10-2009 7:10 AM -- By: Lauvern,  From:  

Hi Vicki. I just wanted to stop in and say Hello and let you know you and precious Misty have not been forgotten. How are you doing? I hope all is well with you. Take care. Hugs.


08-09-2009 2:14 PM -- By: pat and fayeroe,  From: texas  

Misty Rose, I have a thing for you maltese cuties. Those little dark eyes and that black nose! I have a very good friend and her name is Callie. She lives in Oklahoma and I miss her a lot since I moved to Texas. I know that Fayedy greeted you when you got your wings because she got hers on February 18. I just finished her 6 month page and Vicki, I hope you visit and perhaps find some comfort there. Take care, Pat

08-08-2009 11:47 PM -- By: Sherri&Maddie,  From: Ma. usa&up there  


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! What you did by including my little Maddie in the framed photo collage of Mistys friends,brought tears to my eyes. I just kept looking to make sure it was really her. This means SO much to me. I am a bit "tech challanged" so for me, it is even more special.        Many hugs, Sherri

THANK YOU Mistys mommy for including me in the new pic. I love my friend, Misty. And, Misty, thank you for being my friend.  XoXo MADDIE

08-08-2009 7:07 PM -- By: Renee,  From: Minnesota  


Stopping by to thank you for your kind words on this very difficult day.  The memories are still quite real to us as is the pain of the loss endured. Your thoughtfulness has made this day, a little easier on us and it helps us to feel that we are in the company of others who are enduring their own heartbreak and loss.

Wishing you God's comfort and peace in your own life and the ability to remember, reflect and reminisce about Misty Rose Sullivan; and all of the wonderful memories that you have with her.

God Bless my friend,

Renee (Jake's Mom)

08-08-2009 5:56 PM -- By: David & Marcia Johnson,  From: Birdsboro,Pa.  

Thank you so much for showing love on Kelly's angel day!!! It is really appreciated!!! We miss her so, as you do for Misty Rose!! They leave paw prints all over our hearts, & will never be forgotten! I know this is hard for you also!  I tear up all the time when I read these comments, but I am glad the people are so caring, just like you!!! God Bless You!!!


08-08-2009 3:23 PM -- By: Shermin's Mommy,  From: Michigan  

Thank you for the birthday wishes for my baby boy.  I wanted to say I am sorry for your loss and just hold her dear to your heart and know that Misty is shining down on you each and everyday!  She is such a precious lil angel too!  Totally adorable.  =)


08-06-2009 11:38 PM -- By: Winky's family,  From: Massachusetts  

Dear Vicki,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us today.  We continue to miss our Winky but we know she is in a better place.  We are so sorry that you had to say goodbye to your precious Misty Rose this year.  Your memorial is just so beautiful.  Your were blessed to have Misty Rose in your life just as she was blessed to share her little life with you.  Please take care and thank you again for writing.

Mary, Jodi, Gina  and Sharon


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