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Memorial created 12-28-2006 by
Henry Bleichert
Bailey and Gretchen Bleichert
June 16 1992 - August 15 2005

Dedicated to my Forever Little Buddy Bailey born 11/13/94, Earned his wings on 5/10/07. I miss you.

We got Bailey when he was 8 weeks old.He was so small that I had to take him into a store on the way home as we had to get something for him and it was too cold to leave him in the car that he fit in my pocket. He was very energetic and loved to play tug of war with me and had a ball that would vibrate and make sounds that he loved to play with. He was injured when he was 6 and was paralyzed in the rear so he had to use a wheelchair for half his life and was unable to control his bladder but it did not stop him from being his lovable self. We just played in different ways.Instead of walks on a leash it was in a wagon and instead of jumping up to me I came down to him so he could climb on me. He loved to lay across my neck.If he wanted something he had ways of letting us know what.He was my best buddy to which no one else could match and as our children got older they became our children to be spoiled and pampered the way they deserved. May 10 2007 A precious heart has stopped beating today. Even though I did not want it to go away. Maybe God has a purpose for him. Maybe he will guard the gates to heaven. Maybe he will just wait oh so patiently for his Dad and Mom to meet him. Whatever it is he has left the greatest of all things behind for us to cherish. The love and devotion you gave to us will be in our hearts forever,and when the time comes we will bring it back with us to be returned to you many times over. We love and miss you so Bailey, From Mom and Dad  You will live on in my heart,my little son (buddy) so true,and memories of you will fill my mind,until I go to be with you.

Dad and Mom please don't think of it as good bye.Think of it as I will see you later. I am just in the next room but we will have to wait untill you can get the key.Some day we will be together again and we can't wait to show you around.We are both healthy and running again and I am no longer in my wheelchair Daddy and Gretchens back is all better so we can play like we used to and take long walks again.We both love and miss you so like you miss us. With all our love Bailey and Gretchen


Bailey on 11/13 you would have been 20 years young. I miss you little buddy. from dad



Now I am sittng with my dad.


Daddy that feels so good.


My last time outside.


I am so tired right now.


Sitting with my dad again and loving every minute.


Daddy I am hurting so much. I love you.


My daddy trying to make me feel better. He misses me so much.


Me and my sister enjoying the sunshine.



 Bailey shortly after you had to leave us your Mom and I were sitting in the kitchen with the other puppies when we heard a toy squeak in the other room  but all the  puppies were in the room with us. When we went into that room we found one of your toys in the middle of the floor and no one was around it. I know you were there to visit and to let us know you can play like you did when you were with us. I love you forever little buddy.


This is my new little brother Bali.Daddy says he has my ears. I never met him but he will help my daddy out while I am gone.


My brother and sister are playing together. They will help my mommy and daddy from being lonely until we can be together again. I miss you.

Daddy I am no longer able to be there but I will be waiting for you. Bye for now. I love you so much

Bailey you and Gretchen watch over your little sister and brother and help keep them from harm. We miss you.



Here they are with their cousin Tippy ,who is the same age as Bailey  and has now joined them on the rainbow bridge ,their cousin Sierra, and sister.

Please visit with my mom Gretchen also. We are now together as we were in life and are both missed by our family so very much. Thank you.


This is my favorite picture of them. I miss you two but like in the picture you are now together again forever.Until we meet again forever.


... if he wakes in Your arms...

I can hardly see through my tears... today I sent my best friend of years
and years somewhere he had to go, where pain and sickness he won't have to know.
He's been with me ever since he was a pup... today I've had to give him up.
He was sick, we both knew it and I wouldn't put him through it.

Thinking back to the day that I brought him
Didn't know that in the end, he would be my dearest friend.
Didn't know that he would be the greatest gift that came to me.

How did one like me deserve a friend who wanted just to serve?
What was there that made him love me, with nobody else above me?
When I looked into his eyes, never did he criticize,
never did he hold a grudge, never did he try to judge.

Recently, an anxious day. "How come you don't want to play?"
Took him to the vet to see what might be wrong with my "puppy".
Worse by far than I expected, fatal illness was detected.
Nothing much that we could do but keep him comfy til he's through.

Back at home I tried to tell him of the bad luck that befell him
All I could see in his eyes was wondering why his master cries.
I don't think he understood - his eyes just asked "Wasn't I good?"
"How come now I make you sad? Let me kiss and hug you, dad!"

Two last weeks I had to try to find a way to say goodbye.
In that time I told him more than I ever had before
just how much I loved my pup, how it hurt to give him up.
How though gone, he'd always be inside my heart, a part of me.

Then today was no mistaking, I made the decision, my heart was breaking.
I called and asked the vet to come by - I didn't have to tell him why.
He arrived in awhile and asked "Are you ready?" I sighed, I nodded, I felt so unsteady.
Got down on the floor by my boy who was dying, and I just didn't care if the vet saw me crying.

As my pup slipped away, the last things he felt were the kisses and hugs of his master who knelt
On that "blankie" beside him to bid him goodbye, who had just one more minute to tell him, to try
to say thanks to his boy for a lifetime of love.... "Dear God, let me see him in heaven above!
But for now Lord, please hold him, watch over his rest... if he wakes in Your arms tell him I love him best."


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