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Memorial created 12-28-2006 by
Henry Bleichert
Bailey and Gretchen Bleichert
June 16 1992 - August 15 2005

My first son Prince

As a child going to elementary school Prince would walk me to school every day unless he was kept in the house as there were no leash laws and when it was time to go home he would be there at school to walk me home. He even got impatient at times and would pay me a visit in my classroom and I would have to take him home.As we grew up if I went to a friends house so did he.He was always there for me and wanted to be with me all the time. We were seperated for a short time when I got married but I visited him often as he was at my Dads house because we lived in an apartment that would not let us have dogs but we had him over to VISIT many times.We finally bought a house mainly so our boy could live with us always as I did not like being seperated from my boy. We may be seperated again for now but  we will be together again some day my first son. I love you so much pal.

Our younger days

Prince was as gentle as they come. my children grew up with him and his gentle ways. They pulled his ears and would even ride on him when they were little and he never bit. If he wanted to stop them from doing something he would lick them in the face which always worked making them run the other way. But he was VERY protective of our family.  One day as my wife was walking the kids to the bus stop another bigger dog started to go after them but it never made it. to them he beat up that dog making it run away and it never did bother them again. He was with us for 17 wonderful years. Even in his final year he played like a puppy, but he was always getting ear infections in his later years and at the end he got one that would not go away, eventually getting to his brain causing him to have a seizure that would not go away. his last night I laid with him and held him all night untill we could get him to the vets. I could not get myself to go as I knew what was going to happen which I now regret not being there at the end so my wife stayed with him while he was sent to rainbow bridge.I miss you very much my gentle giant. I will see you again also some day.  Dad


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