My story with our beloved Gibby Salem Marie is somewhat unique, but similar to others I have seen on this site. It begins with a temporary act of kindness, to a life changing occurrence. Gibby, her sister, and mother were all strays, but very friendly. It was the day before Halloween in 2001, when my son who never had any interest in wanting a cat decided to let Gibby stay inside the house, because he was afraid of a sick person getting hold of her and harming her since she was an all black kitten. An overnight stay turned into almost eleven years of nights. She chose my son to be her daddy, and chose us as her family. She, like all other animals touched our lives, and our hearts forever. This past August, she was becoming lethargic, and was losing a lot of weight. Upon taking her to the vet she was diagnosed with diabetes. The doctor informed us that she would need her insulin twice a day everyday. Whatever she needed she got. The insulin worked, and we had our precious kitten back again, all was well at her checkup, until she stopped eating, in late January, she became weak due to basically not eating for almost two weeks, she would nibble very little food. She was diagnosed with pancreatitis, and an inflamed small intestine. Wednesday Feb 6, we hospitalized her so she could be properly taken care of, visited her on Thursday, and we knew she had to come home Friday, as there would be no staff there to care for her over the weekend. We got the call at 7:18 Friday morning that our sweet little princess became an angel. My son and husband picked her up, and brought her home as promised. She is resting now in the back yard, so her spirit will always be a part of this property, the area she now rests is where often her and her sister used to play. One day I know that I will see our little Gibby again, healthy and happy