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Memorial created 01-23-2007 by
Nina Sheila
May 28 2001 - January 22 2007

In loving memory of our Ninja who we love so much. We're missing you like crazy! You were the king of the house and you knew it, even when Baby tried to take over, you knew better! Unlike other dogs, you loved to swim...whether it was in the pool or at the beach in were a little fishy! We know your looking down on us and especially your Mom. You were her company at night, it never failed come relaxing by the fire you were right there next to her. Baby misses you too,the walks the two of you would take around the corner,and then get into BIG trouble!! Ninja you will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


Ninja was my Sister's chikacuri and he was Jada's bestest cousin!! When Jada came over to your house, we could'nt stop you from running and running crazy dogs!! Come snack time...who was quicker? The Gordies or The Ninja??? They left Baby in the dust!! Always ready for a snack time!


Bestest cousins in the whole world! The "3 Dogateers" all for one, one for all! One went swimming...they all went swimming...rain or shine! Just don't jump on Ninja's float Jada, cause you always pop the floats.


Oh' how we love snacks! I will stand on my hind legs, I will dance for that snack! Look at me Jada and Baby...I'm getting a snack and your not!


In heaven with cousin Kiwi! Looking down on us as they play. Take care of your little cousin Ninja and show him the way. We love and miss you both so very much!


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