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Memorial created 07-27-2015 by
Amy Stohlman
Sassy Ann
May 0 2012 - July 27 2015

In loving memory of our Sassy Ann who we love so much. Sassy Ann will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

She made us laugh with her crazy butt-tuck spin, wild tail and always smiled and jumped when she was happy to see us. She slept with her boy Tarik every night, stayed in the bathroom with him during every shower, played with Indy and annoyed Karo. She was so soft and so sweet. She kissed until you made her stop. She crawled on your lap even though she was 40 pounds and not a puppy.  She was also the best sick-buddy. Never leaving our sides. She was becoming a therapy dog for her master who had Tourettes and Autism Spectrum Disorder. She calmed him and comforted him.

Sassy Ann you will forever be in our hearts. Until we see you in heaven, good girl, Sassy Ann, we love you...


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