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Memorial created 09-27-2015 by
James Adams
April 15 2003 - September 25 2015

Ready for that ride

In loving memory of our Geno who we love so much. Geno will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

I am writing about my dog Geno. A 20ish lb black mini poodle. He was the best. Intelligent and loyal. I miss him very much. I had to put him down on 9/25/15. It's breaking my heart but I know I must get over this or at least try to carry on. I gave him the best ending I could at Dr Rosemary's office in Colts Neck. As he lay on the table I looked in his right eye and spoke to him. He was slowly taking the sedative but I said "good boy" half a dozen times and "I'll see you up there". It was a rare late September day. He was staring at the sun and feeling the warm breeze coming in the open window as the process went on. I know he's sleeping and no longer in discomfort now. Now let me tell you who Geno was. He was picked out and picked up from Juniper poodles in April 2003. I still remember him in a small cage in the backseat completely terrified. He didn't know it was the luckiest day of his life. We made the decision not to castrate him, an idea I liked and am glad for, I wanted him to enjoy his life that way. The early days involved house training, time in and out of his little cage, and small walks outside. Eventually he got more space and one day actually climbed the stairs, what an accomplishment ! His confidence was forever changed, He knew what he was, a true Alpha male. Over time we began a lifetime of wonderful routine and companionship. Dogs like routine the best and that was what my little man was going to get. Everyday and I mean every day, rain, snow, hot, cold it was walk in the morning and walk in the evening. On weekends special trips to the parks came out and he looked for them. I think he knew when Saturday was, no neighborhood walk today he seemed to say. I believe both of us enjoyed the freedom of just walking, observing and thinking together. He did chase a bird or two though when young. I always left music on for him during the day, calming classical, perhaps in heaven he's hearing those wonderful sounds. Dinner was time to allow for some hand outs, roasted chicken was his favorite, I hope he's getting one each day now. Evenings were in front of the TV, playtime ! A cookie or two, sticks, toys, petting, after all he had worked hard all day. That's not to say he wasn't a good watchdog. Always alert, he'd let know what was up. It was always more of a howl, a beautiful sound to me. And did he love the ladies. He would preen himself and do a little prance on walks if he knew a female was coming, I can still see it now. Early on it was little tough to get him home some nights with that wonderful sniffer of his. He marked quite a bit, I didn't mind but I'm sure some people did not appreciate it but I was going to let him enjoy his true nature no matter what. Some people thought my letting him lead me, leash stretched out front was wrong, but in his short life I knew even then that I wanted him to be leader of the pack. He relished it, head up, chest out, for a smaller dog he had the bearing of a dog 5 times his size. He would not play with other dogs he met that much but he was friendly up to a point, I said he was very wise. He loved his bed, it was his place to go and he and I knew it. He had a few other hiding places which I think he thought I never knew about. Then as life does the first heart attack came and then a cancer diagnosis from his vet came at about 11 years old. He was on meds for awhile. It appears though that kidney failure was it in the end. He came to me for long pets near the end. On the last day he laid down outisde the vets office and I let him have that moment. He knew. Then I picked him up and carried him in, he was ready. The last year of his life pale compared to my memories of long walks, nights at home, asking for one more treat with paw extended and greeting me at the door, every single time ! He is one of the few things in this world I truly loved and I miss him greatly. He knows that. Perhaps many have said it but we both looked out for each other, both knew each others behavior, the look on our faces, the expectations, our moods, I think that's what I will remember the most, the bonding and how great it was. See you buddy, who wants to go for a walk ?








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