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Maria Alejandra Jimenez

Memorial created 11-27-2015 by
Maria Alejandra Jimenez
Amy Daniela
November 27 2015

In loving memory of our Amy Daniela who we love so much. Amy Daniela will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


 My dear Amy Daniela, the joy of my heart, you were loved and cherished like no other being could have ever been. You, missy, have taken a huge chunk of my heart with you. You were not only a pet, but a teacher as you tought us to persevere and never care about one's limitations. You came to me when you were already blind but knew me better than anyone. People used to say that you would die when we adopted you but you lived 7 years against all odds. I can't find the words to measure the pain I'm feeling now, because I won't have your little and fluffy body behind the door, waiting for me to come home to pour little kisses all over my face when I carried you in my arms. Oh, baby... you will be greatly missed.


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