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Memorial created 04-16-2016 by
Laura Martinez
Gimli Martinez Mika
February 18 2008 - April 14 2016

Dearest little Gimelton... Gimli.

On 2-18-2008 an orange kitten was born, 2 months later in April we adopted him. Now a full 8 years later with a heavy heart I'm here to report that our dear sweet little Gimli left our world. His death was sudden and mysterious, on 4-14-2016 Emile came home first to discover Gimli's cold lifeless body crumpled over with no sign of struggle. Our vet confirmed likely cardiac arrest due to perhaps a blood clot. I wrote this as I lay in bed at a time when our little Gimli would otherwise be prancing around the house with his late night antics, I was unable to sleep. Missing the way he would curl up next to Emile all night and walk all over us in preparation to do so. Missing how he would meow loudly, announcing to us he was about to use the restroom.

Gimli loved chin scratches, treats, being talked to in super high pitch, chasing twist ties, stealing Naughtya's toys and sleeping spots, playing with Emile, bumping heads into us and eating grass.

My poor little boy... You were one of the sweetest kittens I've ever had and will be sorely missed. I am happy that fate had us find you as a kitten and have you live with us for what time you had on this planet, I'm selfish to say I only wish we would have been given more time with you, but I'm glad we got the time we did.

Here's the thing that kills me, that a house so full of stuff can feel soo very empty without just one of your family members.. We are packing and leaving that house right now. On 4/15/2016 we laid one of our family members to rest. I fought rigor mortis to get him to look like we was at peace. I'm happy that he looked so peaceful that day. Thank you Ben for the flowers and your help in digging the site. We burried Gimli's body at our new home in Escondido 4/15/2016. We'll plant a tree in his honor. Rest in peace my little Ping Ping Squanchy Gimli Gootie Shrimply Pibbles PingySan angel.

rest in peace my baby boy.

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