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Memorial created 04-27-2016 by
Andreea Hincu
April 26 2016

I will always love my Moti.He was a cat with a big soul and a big part of mine.He was affectionate and caring.

The male cat Chit,his friend and protege,will always remember him.

Razvan also loves him very much.


Dragul meu Moti,te iubesc atat de mult.Imi pare atat de rau ca nu am putut face mai mult pentru tine,ca nu te-am putut salva.Nu am sa uit niciodata privirea ta inainte de a muri,cum te-ai uitat la mine cu ochisorii tai grei de suferinta.

Nu inteleg de ce un motan atat de mare si de bun ca tine a trebuit sa se imbolnaveasca.Nu inteleg de ce o faptura atat de inocenta ca tine a trebuit sa sufere.

Vei fi mereu in inima mea,Moti al meu.



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