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Memorial created 12-24-2016 by
Leslie Reilly
1996 - November 21 2016

Sassy Sleeping - What she did best

Sassy Cat was one of a kind.  She was her own woman.  She didn't take crap from anyone.  She tolerated the doggie pals that would stay over and the countless friends that would come visit.  She ALLOWED them to love her.  And loved her they did.  She had her own fan club.  People far and wide would comment on her cuteness, and her unparalled photegenic range.  No other cat had the ability to make characters come to life like she could.

But no one loved her more than her mom.  Her mom who rescued her when she was a kitten, who had to deal with the 6:00 AM cries for food, and who's lap that could never be replaced.  Sassy loved her mom over all others.

And she was there for her mom too.  She was the one constant over the years, the good times and the bad.  She never waivered, was always there to give a pat with her paw.  She loved her mom from her first day to her last.  I think she waited until she knew her mom was in a good place before she let go.  And even now, odds are she is looking down from above, keeping an eye out.

Fabulous Sassy Cat, you are missed and will forever be remembered and loved.  You were truly one of a kind.


Getting into the holiday spirit...
Always up for a party.
Sassy as Sad Clown

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