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Memorial created 03-8-2017 by
Annie Cronin
May 15 2005 - March 7 2017

Mama's Handsome Boy

In loving memory of our handsome and sweet boy Armani. Your mama's love you so much buddy- our pretty boy- best boy ever!

12 years ago Armani became our first born fur baby. We went to East Greenwich Animal Protection League to look at a kitten that Melanie had liked online- the kitten’s name was Megan. After seeing Megan run around like crazy and try to claw the electrical outlets in the viewing room- we were all set-nope that little girl isn’t for us. Auntie CeeCee showed us another kitten named “Bill . He was brought in about 2 weeks prior by a construction worker named Bill who found him living near the old Apex building as they were about to demolish it. He was cute- gray and had a little white on his nose {that upside white heart we always say} and had the cutest toes. We were viewing him and then was in the lobby holding him when a dog came in and scared “Bill”. “Bill” latched onto Annie’s arm and wouldn’t let go and the rest is furstory!

Melanie had no idea what to name him and I thought it was so obvious- since Melanie was obsessed with Armani- we should name him that- and that is how a plain Bill became Armani Dasani ! We had decided that the finished side of the basement would be his spot and keep the litter box and food bowls and kitty toys and kitty condo in there for him. We kept him in there to get him acquainted to his new surroundings before giving him full run of the house. We thought we were so smart- we even bought a baby gate to put at the top of the basement stairs so he couldn’t get out….you see we didn’t want to shut the basement door and keep him down there that seemed cruel so we left the basement door open and put up the baby gate. We come home from work and we are both panicked- we can’t find him in the basement- where did he go? We weren’t too smart to think a kitty can’t jump DUH! Armani had jumped the gate to come in the rest of the house to be with us LOL. 


 It's hard to believe he was ever this little considering last year he weighed in at a whopping 18 pounds before his stomach problems and ultimately his cancer brought his weight down to 7 pounds :( 

He was always such a good boy from day 1- NEVER ONCE did he scratch the furniture or have an accident in the house or hiss or bite- he was so good, well except for that first Xmas when he jumped in two of our Xmas trees and knocked them over :) The first tree he knocked over clearly didn't scare him enough, so he tried another tree. But after that 2nd tree- he was done trying to get into them or climb them and decided it was a much better idea to just sleep on the tree skirt under the tree.

Armani was always so good- letting the mama's ( or Mama Annie) dress him up for every occasion and do photo shoots with him! He was the perferct little poser! Always so handsome and so photogenic! God we loved that about him.

He was very social and comfortable around people and in fact thought people were there for him- like at our annual ornament swap parties- he would sit on a chair in the middle of the living where 30-40 people were and just hang out.



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