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Memorial created 03-18-2017 by
Opie Whinesalot
Casper Lynn Kittentail
May 17 2007 - March 17 2017

In loving memory of our Casper Lynn Kittentail who we love so much. Casper Lynn Kittentail will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Casper was born in her back yard in one of the cat boxes on a beautiful spring morning on May 17, 2007.  She was one of 5 kittens born to their mom named Baby Kitty.  Casper was the only kitten in her litter who was white with gray spots.  As soon as she was seen, we knew she would be the chosen one.  

A few weeks later Casper came inside, and her grandma acted as her surrogate mother.   As she grew and became more independent, she started to come up stairs of the house to mingle with her uncle Pete, and Opie.  Eventually Casper was allowed to come upstairs permanently!

Casper developed a close friendship with her uncle Pete.  About a month before her first birthday, Pete crossed the bridge, and it was now just Opie and Casper.

Casper was a very friendly and affectionate kitty.   She loved attention, and belly rubs.  She enjoyed playing with her toys, and making toys out of many other items! She enjoyed playing fetch with large rubber bands, and her toys that have strings.  She  also enjoyed bird watching with Opie.  

In October 2014, Opie and Casper got a new housemate, Autumn.  Opie became Autumn's mentor, but Casper did not like not being the only girl in the house anymore...

At one of her annual checkups in 2013, it was discovered that Casper had a heart murmur, similar to her uncle Pete's.  Despite this, Casper kept a positive outlook, and continued to be playful and seeking love and attention up till the day before she crossed the bridge.  

On March 16, 2017, Casper started to not feel well, she was throwing up her food... the next morning she still wasn't feeling well, and found a comfy spot by the heat vent.  Later that afternoon, Casper still hadn't moved from her spot, hadn't eaten or drank all day and was having trouble breathing.  that afternoon she was taken to the vet.  The doctor ran tests and x-rays, and found things were not good, and chances were very slim...  Her heart was failing, and was blocking blood flow to her lungs and making her legs weak..  The tough decision was made to not let her to suffer and be in pain anymore...  Casper crossed the bridge on March 17, 2017, at about 6:15 pm.. 






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