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Memorial created 02-15-2007 by
Lana Topaum
August 15 2006 - February 13 2007

My baby Ammo. My Best Friend. What else can I say but a huge part of my soul and spirit died and was buried with you. My necklace I wore for 3 years straight I put in your grave to take to Heaven with you.So you would remember me. Ammo This family loves you so much even though you're gone but no one absolutely no one could feel as bad as I do right now because I was your buddy, your best friend, you were my adopted son. You were anything but just a dog and I know I was anything but just your owner. Ammo someday when you hear the news I'm coming home to see you, run to greet me at the Pearly Gates because you'll be the first one I look for when I get there. Until then I know you'll be with me in spirit. See you later Ammo and as the saying goes, "If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again." It's not even possible to know how much I love and miss you.


Poem for Ammo, the dog of all dogs To my dearest Ammo, some things I'd like to say First of all I love and miss you each and every day Is it nice up there in Heaven? Do you have a pair of wings? Your size no longer holds you back I know up there you're king. I will not hide it. I still feel very sad when I think of all the fun that you and I had. Always happy to see me when I got home from school Love each other always. That was our only rule. My soul was buried with you on that fateful day. Goodbye was something I never ever got to say. My dearest Rillo when my time on Earth is through The first one I'll be looking for in Heaven will be you. So dont worry about me. I might be a little late. Just be sure when you hear the news to run and meet me at the Pearly Gates.




In the basket you came home in You couldn't fit in it anymore!


Your favorite place to sleep was on the foot of my bed at night and you'd crawl up beside me in the middle of the night and in the morning you'd lick my face to wake me up. Sometimes you'd wait until I got up to get up. Your Best dog friend was Felony. She misses you too. Autumn the cat remembers how you tried to save her from the big bad dog just a few hours before you died. You died a hero Ammo.You came home with me September 24, 2006. You got me through some rough times friend and you were with me for Christams and you survived Thanksgiving with Parvo. Your favorite sweater was the red one. It fit you perfect and it kept you so warm. I wish you could've been there for Valentines Day. You would've brightened up the house a lot. No one felt like celebrating because you were gone. I'll place the rose mom gave us on your grave. I'm gonna miss you when I go back to the Big League Baseball Park. Actually I dont think I'll go anymore. It'd just be too lonely without you. You had so many friends there. They all loved you so much. I'm running track next year for you Ammo. I know you'll be right behind me running the whole way just like you used to but this time you wont get tired. I'm winning for you and I don't care if I fall over or have to walk to the finish line, I'm finishing for you.


You hiding in that sock. Remember that day?

Ammo, I found a patch of your hair under my bed when I was cleaning our room today. I know you never lost hair. You barely even shed.I Im positive it yours though because it was soft and fluffy just like your old puppy hair. I feel in my heart you sent this to me from Heaven to let me know you're doing fine and not to worry about you. Thank You. Somehow just seeing that patch of fur made me feel better because I know in my heart now that you're happy. I know you knew It'd make me feel better seeing it. Love you Ammo. Warm wishes from Earth. Love Your Bestest Friend Ever, Lana P.S Your favorite toy, your giraffe, Your Bobo, and your bear all sleep beside me on your bed now. Also your little black pillow. I put my arm around that at night before I go to sleep and think of you because it's soft and fluffy like you. I'm keeping that empty spot you left at the end of our bed warm for you. Also you hold a special spot above my bed in an 8 picture frame. You've already seen it though haven't you? Every night since you left, I've felt you behind me following me everywhere I went just like you always used to do. I can't see you, but I'm positive you are there watching over me. My Guardian Angel now. My Best Friend Ammo forever.

Felony misses you too. She was your other best friend.
You posing with Felony after roughhousing.

Hero and King of the Universe in my eyes forever Ammo


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