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Memorial created 02-17-2007 by
Joe & Diana McPhee
November 0 1995 - February 17 2007

Coco was with us for all most 12 years. We got her in Nov. of 1995 from the Bloomfield animal shelter. A little after Diana & I got married. We where living at 46 Franklin at that time. Across the hall from Aunt Pat, Jeff, and Patty-Ann. The first few days Co would bark, bang at the door with her paw digging in to the wood door and the drywall around the frame and she would howl. After 2-3 days we did not know what to do we where afraid of the landlord getting calls from other tenets. So we gave her back. I for one was all ready hooked. She had something about her you just new she was special from the moment you saw her. I canít explain it. Anyway we did not make it a day with out her. That night we needed her back the shelter was closed so we went the next day and brought her to where she was meant to be home with her family. A lot of people donít know this but she was set to be put down the day after we got her. At the shelter she was the only one not jumping or barking she just was sitting in the back of the cage. Looking at Diana with those eyes of hers. She loved to have her side rubbed if you hit the spot (IF) you did she would go nuts howling but there was only one person that could get it ever time and that was her Uncle Jeff. She loved when he would come over and do that. I feel we gave her the best 12 years we could. It is only now that I am realizing all that she gave to us. I donít know why but this is the hardest time that I ever had coping with the loss of a loved one. Like I sad in the past she is not and never will be just a dog or some pet. She is and always will be one of my children. Have fun playing with Champ #1, Dottie, Tyson, Susie and Champ #2. Coco remember me I will never forget you. I love you and when its my turn I know you will be there waiting for me. See you later sweetheart.


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