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Memorial created 03-2-2007 by
Heather Cook
June 6 1996 - February 28 2007

Happy watching the squirrels

In loving memory of our Happy who we love so much. Happy we miss you so much! You brought so much joy to our lives. You even made Joe (a guy who never liked cats) love you with all his heart. For the first time in 13yrs I saw him cry. We will miss your sweet meow everytime we come home, I miss how you laid on my shoulder as I carried you around the house and I will deeply miss how you slept with me every night! I hope we meet again. Happy was the best cat anyone could ever ask for. She was named for the white smile she had on her face. A friend gave her to me as a kitten when he found her abandoned on the highway. She soon became the most spoiled kitty ever and my best friend. She had such a great personality and was very protective of me. If anyone hurt me (by play or on purpose) she was there hissing at them and trying to bite them. She often thought she was a dog. I don't know how many times she tried to attack the pizza guy when he came to the door. We always had to hide all our food in cupboards cuz if we left anything out we would come home from work and find food all over the house. She really liked hamburger buns for some reason, she would carry the whole package upstairs to our bedroom so she could eat them. She kept me company whenever I was lonely and every morning I would find her sitting by the shower while I got ready for work. She loved going outside on her leash to lay in the sun. In 2006 she was diagnosed with diabetes. We started her on insulin 2x daily. She got treats after every shot and she loved for us to throw them across the room so that she could chase them down like they were her prey. She was doing great until Sunday Feb. 25th when we came home and noticed that she had been throwing up. The next day she wasn't feeling well and I took her to the vet to check her insulin. The vet took some blood to test and after she got the results back she told me that for some reason Happy was having kidney failure and wouldn't live much longer. I took her home and made her comfortable and Joe and I spent as much time as possible with her for the last two days of her life. She passed away while we were at work. My heart is broken. She was my life. March 20, 2007 - Now I am finding out that she was poisoned from the food she was eating. They just came out with the news that certain pet foods were giving animals kidney failure and she was eating that food. She died for no reason!


You could always find Happy curled up on a blanket on the couch, or the bed. She loved being warm, she even used to hog the heater vents in the winter.

Happy waiting for food in the kitchen

One of Happy's favorite things to do was sleep on the couch covered by a blanket.


This is my Happy cat after she got out of the emergency clinic. We had a close call in January when she went into insulin shock. They shaved alot of her pretty fur off.


Happy showing her pretty tummy. She loved when I rubbed it and kissed it.


I will never forget you baby girl! I only hope that we will meet again and until then know that I am always thinking of you and still loving you. Even Elvis and Killer miss you.


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