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Memorial created 02-5-2006 by
Fred Pickett
June 15 1990 - February 3 2006

This memorial is a tribute to Nefetari who is deeply missed and loved. Nefe was a bright light, a comfort, a joy and a blessed addition to the lives of Steven Smith, Oz Pickett and Fred Pickett. Rescued from the Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago as a kitten, Nefe enjoyed a warm and loving home until her last day. Nefe's personality could only be described as elegant. She was cool, ladylike and classy. She was also very affectionate and loving.


But Nefe also had a playful side. When she got excited or wanted attention, she would give you a good bite. She loved to chase balls and play hide and seek. She would also wait patiently on the bed and when you entered the room, should would hunch her back and run off, waitng to be chased. When friends and family would come over, Nefe would always come out from the bedroom to say hello. Everyone who had the pleasure to know Nefe will miss her. Oz and Fred would like to thank the staff at Blum Animal Hospital in


Chicago for their great care of Nefe for almost 16 years. Oz and Fred would also like to thank all our friends and family who have been there to share our immense grief and offer comforting words and hugs. Nefe has joined Steven in heaven and Fred and Oz look forward to be reunited with Nefe in the future. Nefe touched many lives and enchanted us all with her beauty, grace and unconditional love. We love you, baby and we will never forget you.


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