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Memorial created 03-30-2007 by
Vicky Jones
June 22 2004 - February 12 2007

Special - My Beloved Baby Boy

In loving memory of My Beloved Special whom I love and cherish more than life and I miss you so much it hurts. Our home is so empty without you in it. Your precious life was so short. All the odds were against you from the beginning. The vet said with your handicaps you probably wouldn't make it a year, when you beat that I was blessed to have you in my life for almost two more years. When you got so sick, it broke my heart to see you suffer. Please forgive me for having you put down. I didn't want to. I had hoped my love would be enough to keep you in my life for a very long time, but God had a plan for you. My life has changed because of you and Your Unconditional Love for me. I've never known so much love in my life. I feel so empty without you my love, my heart is aching and I cry every day since you left. I know now what a broken heart really is. I miss you so much Sweetheart. I live for the day we'll be together again forever. Please wait for me my precious baby boy. My love for you is eternal. Nothing will ever break that golden cord that keeps us connected. Our Souls are fused together, you are my baby and I am your mommy forever. We are one forever. I'll never let go of that golden cord that connects us. We are forever ONE..... I Love You My Beloved Special, Forever Your Mommy


Special My Baby Boy

The Dance - (Garth Brooks) And now I'm glad I didn't know the way it all would end, the way it all would go. Our lives are better left to chance, I could have missed the pain, but I'd have had to miss the dance. "I WOULDN'T HAVE MISSED THE DANCE". I'll hold you forever in my heart....



My Precious Special I have a request, You have probably already bonded with this precious angel God has sent to be with you...his name is Fang and his Mommy misses him as much as I miss you...he is as white as Heavens Angels with eyes as blue as the sky. We love our babies so much and find comfort knowing the two of you are together and waiting for us. Take care of each other My Loves. We Love and Miss you BOTH so much. Give Fang a great big hug and kiss from his Mommy (Mari). I Love You Baby, Your Forever Mommy


Soda Pop-My Angel Girl

1992 - April 29, 2008

My little Angel, God how I miss you. Soda Pop came to join you today, She was missing you and had to be with her little brother. When I left this morning for work she was in terrible pain. I told her to go on and that I would join you both as soon as I can. She was worried about leaving me alone, but I told her I would be okay. It was hurting me to see her suffering that way. By the time I got home she was gone, she looked at peace. I had already decided that I would take her to the vet after work, but she didn't wait. She found a cool place under the back porch where she lay down and went to be another one of God's little Angels. I buried her in the back yard next to Lightning, Patches, PooPoo and Popcorn. I'm going to look for a marker for her grave as soon as I can get some time off. Special, please take care of my little girl and yourself.....I feel so lost without my babies. I'll be creating a memorial for Soda Pop soon, I want her to have one just as beautiful as yours. Give Soda Pop my love and tell she too will always be with me.

I Love you Forever Soda Pop, {\0/}

I'll Always Love You Special, {\0/}

Forever Your Mommy


Midnight - My Gentle Giant

April 12, 2005 - Sept 21, 2008

My precious little boy, I miss you sweetheart. You were always there. What drew you to the street? You never left the yard! I don't understand why. When I woke Sunday morning I had a really bad feeling....I went to the door and looked out at the street and there you lay...lifeless. I will never understand why people can't have more compassion for animals. But you are not animals to are my children and I love you so much. My heart is broken into a million pieces. My gentle giant was taken from me. I love you so much and I can't stand to think of my life without my babies! Did you go because you knew Yoda was going and you didn't want him to be alone? You always did try to care for the little ones. Go find Special and Soda Pop...Yoda will be with them. Wait for Mommy. I'll be there as soon as God calls me.

Forever My Love Midnight, {\0/}

Forever My Love Special, {\0/}

Forever Your Mommy


Yoda - My Precious Angel Baby

June 8, 2008 - Sept 22, 2008

Oh my precious little boy...your life was so unfair....FIP...that's what the vet heart broke once again. When I found you, so tiny and so sick, I thought I could fix whatever was wrong, but GOD had another plan for you. Such a sweet little boy you were, always by my side or in my lap, never far away from me. I called and you came running, I never dreamed the end would come so soon. I know it was only 3 months for us, but those were the sweetest 3 months I've had since I lost my beloved Special. I just knew he sent you to me for love and comfort to ease my pain of losing him. Now once again here I sit broken hearted...when I got that call from the vet and he said you didn't make it, all I could do is cry. I wish I could understand why life has to be so cruel. My only comfort now is knowing you're with GOD and no longer suffering that horrible pain. I miss you sleeping by my side, holding on to one finger with both of your precious little paws as you've done since I found you. I miss you terribly my little love child. I love you sweetheart and I always will. I'll be with you the moment God calls me home. Then, once again I can hold you, be happy once again and tell you how much I love you. Go find Special, Soda Pop and Midnight....they're waiting for you and they'll take good care of you my angel.

I'll Aways Love You Yoda, {\0/}

I'll Always Love You Special, {\0/}

Forever My Love, Mommy

Dancer - My beautiful little boy

I found this beautiful little Angel at work, where he was thrown out like somones garbage. His name was Dancer because of the way he would dance around me when I would go out to feed him at work. I don't know his birth date, but I figure at the time of his death he was about nine or ten months old. He never had the chance to live a full life and completely trust humans, but he was getting there. Since the day I brought him home he had not been outside. The day he died, he slipped out an open door.....From his injuries it appeared he was attacked by a dog or possibly a Hawk. He made it up into the driveway where he died while I had run to get my shoes on and try to catch him. My heart was broken when I found him lying there after only a few minutes outside. I have a really hard time understanding why this happened...I work so hard to provide the best for all these little Angels only to have them taken away so soon. Such beautiful babies to be taken away so young. I will always love you Dancer, you were a true Angel. Dance in heaven my love and fly with the Angels.

Gone from my home, but forever in my heart.

I Will Always Love You Dancer {\0/}

Forever My Love, Mommy


Chatty Cathy - My little Angel

August 1, 2008 - February 4, 2009

One more of my littlest angels has gone to be with the Lord. So tiny, so sweet, so much love in your precious little heart and so full of life. I took you down for a routine spay and go to pick you up only to find that you had left me to be with my angels Special, Soda Pop, Midnight, Yoda and Dancer. I believe in my heart that your death was because of that jump you made from the tree when I first found you. You are so precious to me. I'll missing you sleeping by my side each night, jumping in my lap as soon as I sit down and meeting me at the door when I come home from work. Mommy's heart is once again broken and the pain is unbearable. I love you my precious baby girl and I look forward to the day when I can hold you in my arms again. Now go, the angels are waiting for you and always know that you are forever in my heart.

I will always Love You CC {\0/}

I will always Love You Special {\0/}

Forever My Love, Mommy


Nothing Has Ever Hurt So Deep In My Heart

The pain is so deep within my can life be so cruel???????

The battles we fight are more difficult every day........

Will this pain ever end?????


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