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Memorial created 04-9-2007 by
Mike Lawrence
April 2 1995 - April 7 2007

In loving memory of our Buck who we lost the 7th of April 5 days past his 12th birthday. Oh what a loving, sweet companion you have been!! No one, except for your mom and the Good Lord, has ever loved me or been as loyal to me as you have. Mr B, I cant believe that you have left us....even with the other pups around,the house seems empty and quiet, except for these tears that just will not stop. I know that for the last month or so you suffered, I just thank the Good Lord that he heard my prayers and ended your pain before I had to make that terrible decision......I realize now that I heard you cry that last nite, I just didnt know it at the time and I am so sorry I did not come upstairs to check on you and say good bye. Dear , sweet Buck , know that you have left a hole in our hearts that refuses to be filled. That hole is where you took your part of our heart as your brother Trooper did when he left us. I have visited Troopers page most everyday since he left us and have dreaded the thought of having to someday place your page alongside his.....that sad day is here and is almost more than we can bear, just know that I will visit you each day too. I trust that by now you have found T and you both are out to 'go get the birds' once again....I know that T will keep you close and look after you as he always did. Stay close to T, Mr Buck, we love you and miss you more than words can say. I thank God everyday for what He has done/does for me.....and I thank Him for you Mr Buck, the fact that He blessed me with you and for all the good years we shared together.....Rest at peace my good, sweet,Buck youve earned it. I love you, DAD

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I Miss My good friend, Buck

Mr Buck near his last days keeping an eye on the young pups. Even while he was sick and almost invalid he loved to be outdoors watching intently what was going on around him. I would take himoutside and place a piece of carpet down and after he finished his business he would head for the carpet until he felt it was time to go in....but most of all he kept an eye on me always knowing where I was and staying as close as possible. I miss my good friend so much!!

Daughter Pokey
T, Mr T, Trooper
First daughter, Baby
All the Babies but Pokey

We all miss you Mr Buck.....


Mr Goodboy & KuiPoo

KuiPoo misses you most of all


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