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Memorial created 04-13-2007 by
Christine Turner
September 6 1994 - April 11 2007

One of many snow day walks..

Carmel was Dachshund & Cocker Spaniel mix. She rarely barked and if she ever did it was a sharp bark like the Dachshund. She was very calm, quiet dog, but she had her own special way of getting excited and showing everyone how happy and content she was. My husband & I found her one day at Starbucks in Lynnwood, WA and the gentleman she was with at the time came out and asked if we wanted her, he says that his daughter dumped her off to him and he was waiting to find her a good home and didn't want to give her to a shelter. I went back the very next day and she was there again and I told the gentleman that I can care for her and she would be happy with us. I had to put my previous dog to sleep just a year prior and was ready for another. He said, he would have to think about it as he was starting to get attached to her... A month went by and I got call and he wanted to give Carmel to us. He dropped her off on Labor Day 1999 and from that day forward she stole our hearts.


Carmel looking back before being released...

Carmel was our ringdog at our wedding and we told our photographer that she is afraid of the camera. And our photographer, Leanna said I can get a good picture of her - let me try! So this is the picture just before Carmel ran down the aisle with the rings to give to her Daddy.


Tulip Festival Spring 2002

We took Carmel to the Tulip festival in WA. She had such a good time smelling the flowers and getting petted by other people who thought she was just so cute. And you will forever me our cutie pie...


Christmas 2002

During the holidays I would play Christmas music and Carmel would light up everytime I played the Charlie Brown CD. We always said she would dance like Snoopy. And the sound of her yawning was similar to Snoopy too. Carmel slept right through Christmas morning and thru all gift opening. She was just content with being where ever we were. And as long as she was cozy warm on her blankie she was satisfied. Carmel was our gift of love everyday - who could ask for more.


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