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In Memory of my Beautiful Princess

Memorial created 04-27-2007 by
Michelle Harvey
Princess Baby Girl
April 9 1993 - April 2 2007

Physical message from beyond...


As I have mentioned before, I have only recently begun to visit Princess's favorite beach again after an 18 month absence. Last weekend (May 17-18, 2008) was unseasonably hot for us with temperatures reaching the mid to upper 80's. My husband, Bailey and I decided to take early morning walks on the beach.

Saturday was the hotter day but it was Sunday that something truly astounding happened. The tides were low so we could walk farther out than usual. After walking almost 3 miles down the beach, we turned and headed for home. Mind you, this was exactly the same route we had taken out. We are very conscious of debris and trash left on or near the beach and pick up and haul out whatever we can. The previous day we picked up dozens of bottles and cans carelessly discard by uncaring beach users.

Halfway back, I spotted a dreaded and often deadly (to sea creatures) mylar balloon a few feet off shore. It was mostly deflated and Bailey swam/walked out to it. I was hoping I could persuade her to bring it to me but it spooked her so it was up to me. I removed my beach shoes and socks and began to walk out to the balloon. In Puget Sound the average water temp is around 50 degrees so even on this warm day, it was cold when it got up to my upper calf and lower thigh!

When I reached for the balloon, I gasped and said to my husband, "Oh my God, you will not believe this!" As I walked back in I was so overcome I began to cry. Holding the balloon up my husband saw the message on it was:


That balloon, slighly faded and water logged is shown here.

Had one thing been different; the tides, higher, the weather cooler, not walking as far on that day, not caring about the trash or anything, I would not have seen this message.

It wasn't until a bit later that I realized what the date was. It would have been 15 years earlier give or take only a few days that Princess would have come into my life. You see she was given to me by Scott for an early 40th birthday gift. We were to be moving from our home of 13 years in just a few months. I got Princess when she was six weeks old (born April 9, 1993) so 6 weeks from that date would have been May 21, 1993!

A coincidence? I choose to think not. Princess is still with me trying to help me even now over a year after her death.

 Thank you Princess. I love you so

MAGGIE BUNCE Animal Communicator Extraodinaire!

If you have lost a dear furchild or still have one and would like to be able to communicate with them on a different level, I highly recommend visiting Maggie.  Her communications with Princess have literally changed my life.

After Princess's passing, I found myself questioning my lack of spirituality. As such, I opened myself to many new possibilities, including afterlife communication, and communication with another species.

While I was raised in family with connections to an organized (though unconventional at that time...Buddhism) religion, I never considered myself particularly spiritual. My desire to look beyond what is here changed all of that and Maggie, through Princess is a BIG part of that.

I have been meditating and started online classes to help with lifelong struggles. I started grief counseling and am looking at ways to change and improve my life.

The information she obtained from Princess opened my mind and my heart to changes I need to make and things I need to do to evolve into the person I need to become on many levels. These things are so profound that I hope to make a trip across the country to take a class from Maggie this fall.

Unfortunately, Maggie is no longer doing communications. 




On January 31, 2010, I had animal communicator Joy Turner (from the northwest) speak with Princess.  Princess was very comforting and told me that I did the right thing by taking her to the emergency clinic although she did not want to go.  She said if I had not I would not have forgiven myself for that either.  She is waiting patiently for me to quit grieving so she can come to me in dreams or even in physical form but cannot do so until I can remember her with love and joy instead of grief and pain. If only I can get to that point what a joy it would be to see her again.  

You would think that just hearing that would snap me out of it but it has not. I am working with all of my might to get my head screwed on straight and rethink and "refeel" but I am not doing too well with that just yet so I will keep at it until I succeed.

She also told me that she is staying at the bridge instead of coming back in physical form now.  She is helping fearful and shy animals there just as she helped our Marquisea here. 

I always wanted to know what happened, why she died so quickly and she told me.  She was never to have stayed as long as she did.  She was supposed to go shortly after her cancer began yet she would not leave me.  Finally she was taken and that was that.   I am comforted knowing this for some odd reason, perhaps it makes me know that there was nothing else I could have done I don't know. 


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