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In Memory of my Beautiful Princess

Memorial created 04-27-2007 by
Michelle Harvey
Princess Baby Girl
April 9 1993 - April 2 2007

Princess Sponspored the art wall

Every year for the past 4 years, Princess has been a sponsor of our local animal group's annual fundraising auction. We have always attended and taken home a bite of some delicious morsel for her as a reward for her selfless giving. This year Princess was honored with sponsoring the art wall~one of the biggest moneymakers of the whole auction. We have wonderful local artists and I must confess that I have purchased more than one piece myself at past auctions. This year, my husband and I helped a little with the set up but I could not bring myself to attend. I did not want to bring any sadness to the festive event and knew I would have a hard time talking to people. This year the overall earnings were $44,000. The art wall brough in the most money of any of the sections, earning a total of $6,564! Below is a copy of the text from the VIPP website advertising the auction for this year. VIPP'S FABULOUS FUR BALL™ August 4th at the VFW Hall. VIPP's Spiciest Fur Ball™ Ever! For more information - check out the "Fur Ball™" in this section. As you may know, this will be the 5th year for the Fur Ball™, started in 2003, to help subsidize the growing costs for the services that VIPP provides for the Vashon community. These include a low-cost spay and neuter program, required medical care for homeless animals, and the adoption program with reflect approximately 88% of VIPP's yearly operating budget. Princess will continue to help with the event each year and will be a constant reminder to one and all to just how important our fur children are to us. Our little group has bought land to build a no kill shelter so Princess will contrinute in her own way toward this goal. If any of you have thoughts of contributing in your loved fur children’s name, think of a local group (or ours) that could benefit from a loving gift in their name.

Sponsorship wall
Local artist offerings 1
Artist offerings 2
Artist offereings 3
Wall 4
Wall 5

Auction tables are themed with names like home and garden, dogs and cats, games and so forth. Here is a look while they were being set up.

Home and garden table
Home and garden table 2

Jolean charcoal

Sponsors at a certain level are given the gift of art. A local artist turns a photo of your special fur baby into a charcoal drawing. We had one of Princess done a few years ago (see below.) This year, I had one done for my son of his cat of 18 years whom he lost a little over a year ago. This is the drawing done from the photo you see below.


Can you find the photo in the previous pages from which Princess' drawing was made?


 AUGUST 2, 2008


PRINCESS and this year Marquisea too sponsored a table (Home & Garden) at the fundraising auction.  The final take was more than the previous year which was great news since the economy is doing so poorly everywhere.  


As plans proceed to build a small shelter, the fundraisers are more and more important. The volunteer picnic is to be on Sunday, August 31, at which time we will be able to see the land which was purchased for this purpose.  


As always, I know Princess would be delighted to know she helped in her own small way.


Reserved for a picture of Princess's sponsor ship table pix.

AUGUST 2009 FurBall

August 8th the FurBall was held with record setting bids and total amout raised.  Princess was a sponsor once again and our family did our part by bidding on and ultimately winning over $500 worth of good and services.  Additionaly, I brought in a new volunteer who did the photography as well as donated pet sitting services and another who also sponsored!  Princess is doing so much even beyond the bridge. She truly is still a special girl.  Love you Baby Girl!


This is the advertising poster for 2009.

The yearly poster is also framed and sold at auction.

Organizational brochure and
Blackboard cat figurine.

So here is one of our purchases.  It is a cat figurine covered with blackboard surface material.  Our son has it at his new house to use for leaving messages for his roomate.


A number of local artists decorated figurines in mosaics and other materials as part of the fundraiser.  All the figures went for hundreds of dollars.


Mosaic dog figurine.

There was also one dog and ball figure which brought in over a thousand dollars.  The artist actually offered a second for the same price to a another buyer.  Both buyers were my friends!  One of them was the new sponsor I brought onboard the other was Princess's holistic veterinarian!


Mazie's portrait.

I donated my sponsorship portait to my friend Melodie, who is Kit's sister's Mazie's Mom (follow that!) It is a portrait done from one of Mazie's puppy pictures.

More of the decorated cats.
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The 2010 Vashon Island Pet Protector FurBall was held on Saturday August, 14, 2010. I had business on another island way north of Vashon so we were late to the event. We had to take 2 ferries one of which was over 2 hours late (as ferries can be) but we did make it in time for the live auction. I am not sure how much money was raised but Princess would be proud to know she helped in her own way again this year.


Event Notiec

Princess' Busy 2011

Princess was a busy girl this year. The Vashon Island Pet Protector FurBall was later this year on October 23rd. This will probably be the last time she sponors this group but she has big plans for next year. That said she did sponsor a table at the auction. The group make a record setting $65 thousand this years which goes toward spaying and neutering and the care of the dogs and cats at the shelter and in foster homes. Princess was proud to contribute.


Princess auction book photo
2 Million Dogs 2 Miles Walk

2 Million Dogs 2 Miles Fundraising Walk

Many thanks to my critters family friends who donated to my walk. As a result of your contributions and those of other friends and family we were the top fundraisers for the event bringing in $690!!!

Though I was sick (and still am), my son, my husband and I all made it out to the walk. Kit and Bailey joined us and we all had a good time. The weather was beautiful cold and exhilerating. Afterwards we enjoyed a fine lunch and I came home and collapsed. The kids were all about doing more.



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