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In Memory of my Beautiful Princess

Memorial created 04-27-2007 by
Michelle Harvey
Princess Baby Girl
April 9 1993 - April 2 2007

Construction begins on Princess' own rainbow bridge...



There is a seasonal creek that runs through the forest just below Princess' resting place. My son and I built a bridge many years ago out of recycled materials we had. A couple of years ago during a windstorm a large tree fell across the bridge destroying it. We decided to have a craftsman build Princess her very own Rainbow Bridge to replace our homemade one.  It is made from all of the colors available in Trex, a wood and plastic composite material used to build outdoor decks so it would truly be a "rainbow" of muted colors. 

THE BRIDGE IS FINISHED! Construction of the bride started several months ago and is now complete. The rains have just begun in earnest now so the little creek should be running under it soon. Pictures of the fiinished project are at the end of the page. Now I have begun a new project, adding some of Princess' friends to the bridge. I belive this will be accomplished with tags showing a photo, dates and a few words about the bridgekid. I have a prototype tag coming and can't wait to get started making this memorial bridge one will encompass many kids. I will keep you updated.


Bailey trying out the bridge.

Our young golden, Bailey was intrigued with the project. When she was on the bridge she didn't have to look up so much to see us! She did not like the boards moving though since they are not screwed down just yet.


Bridge as of August 16, 2007

The bridge planking is now completed. We are waiting for the stone worker to be available to construct the ramps and stone facing on the pillars.

Looking down from Princess' gravesite.

My son Stephen with new kid Bailey testing Princess bridge.

Bridge 8/29/07
Works begins again!

Our stone mason, Bill Jerome, who has built MANY stone walls on our property returned to work on Princess'. October 10, 2007

Another view on October 10.
October 11, 07

Bailey had to check out the progress the next day.


Bill hard at work on the 11th.


Bill's dog Una also came to check it all out.


Slate placement

Bill is working to place the slate pieces being used as ramps at both ends of the bridge. After they are placed and cemented, grounting will be added to finish them. He worked hard to find the colored slate that matches the bridge planks.


Grouted slate ramp and plaque

The bridge is almost finished. Only the stone caps for the support columns need to be pieced together. This picture shows the finished slate ramp and the commemorative plaque for the bridge.


Bridge plaque.

The plaque was mounted onto a special quarter ton granite boulder Bill procured.


South side of bridge showing memorial plaque.

The bridge was finished on Tuesday, November 13, 2007. This is the south entrance to the bridge. On the other side, a short way up the hill is Princess grave.


East side of bridge.

This view shows the rock supports which our craftsman, Bill, worked to piece together.


North view from Princess' gravesite.

This view is taken from a spot near Princess' grave. I think she would have approved. While she loved to swim, she was not all that thrilled with puddles or mud. This bridge would have kept her paws and feathers tidy and clean!


We have received record rains over the past few days so the little seasonal creek is running at full force. The bridge was completed just in time. Perhaps you can see the water in this picture.


My snowy birthday at the bridge. 12/01/07

Princess's gift of snow on my 54th birthday. How she would have loved to play in it.

Princess's rainbow bridge all clean!

 Today on Marquisea's seventh angel day we placed her new grave marker in the forest. It is several yards to the right of the bridge. We thought it only fitting that the bridge be cleaned in her honor. Most of the leaves are off the trees now so I the bridge and her grave show up well. 

Close up shows the colors better.
The season stream which flows under Princess's Rainbow bridge, Feb 2015
After a storm Feb 2015

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