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Memorial created 06-14-2007 by
Valerie Laam
February 16 1997 - June 14 2007

Sweet Baby Hansels

In loving memory of our beloved friend and companion Hansel. You came to us as a skinny orphan, without anyone to love or take care of you. We were blessed to have you in our lives for 10 wonderful years. We miss your 125 lbs of pure love, devotion, and sweet and gentle disposition. Hansel, the brave squirrel chaser, lover of early morning walks, MacDonald hamburgers, "cookies", and other good snacks! You will be forever missed, our beautiful browned eyed boy, and you will live on in our hearts forever. Marshall is trying his best to take care of us, but he's lost without you. Our hearts ache for you, sweet baby Hansels. We love you! Mommie and Daddy


Eyes on the prize (a BBQ hamburger!)


Sweet Hansel, please kiss all of your brothers and sisters who went before you: Davey Crockett, Holly, Opie, Harry, Valentine, Amanda, and Nala - We love and miss you all, sweet children!


Kicking back, gettin' sleepy.....

Handsome and unforgettable, loyal, friendly, and cheerful, with the biggest black nose I ever saw. Hansel, you enhanced our lives so much that no other dog could ever take your place. We close our eyes, and imagine you at our side....


Wanna go for a walk?????

Hansel was always ready to go for his walk, right up to the last day of his life. He peacefully crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge on June 14, 2007 from complications of lung problems. He was our doggie hero, and we will love him forever!

Sunning in the yard with Marshall
Remi at the SPCA, waiting to be adopted

Dearest Hansel - Can you believe it, we rescued another skinny orphan today! This is Remi the Adventurer, and we've told him all about you, dear heart. He can't fill your paws of course, but he'll be special in his own sweet way. Remi is going to obedience school, as he needs to learn his manners just as you did. Hansel darling, I see you in my dreams, running around in heaven and barking "Look at me! Look at me", just like you did the first tme we saw you in WA at Matt's house. You were part of the best times in our lives. Your boys are still pining for you. Anyway, Remi is a member of the Laam pack now, and wants you to know he'll keep an eye on us for you. Sweet dreams, lover boy. Your forever Mommy


Remi The Adventurer

Remi the Adventurer - Shepherd and Dobie mix, the best of two breeds for sweetness, devotion, and just plain comedy!  


Hansel's Memorial By Judy

Hansel, a sweet lady made this for us to help with our grief over losing you. I have it on my wall at work, so I can see your handsome face every day. Marshall sends his love, and has been busy showing Remi the ropes - By the way, he's the Alpha Dog now, and it's gone to his head!


Lil Bit Sirius!

Here we go again! Yes, we've adopted your and Remi's mini-me! His name is Sirius, and he came from the 2nd Chance German Shepherd Rescue group. He's a puppy, his Dad is a full and very big German Shepherd, and Mom is 1/2 GS and half Australian Cattle Dog! His ears are just like yours, at half mast, an he is very smart. He is very grateful for the toys you left him, as Remi is only partial to a few of them. He says thank you, and says he woofs you very much! Dad calls him "Lil Bit" but he won't be small for long....I'll send you more pics later...


Here's Remi and Sirius out for a walk. Sirius is about 9 weeks here.


Sirius (Lil'Bit) Laam

 Sirius is learning his manners, and is in obedience school now to be the gentleman you were!  We don't know how long it will take, but we'll keep trying.  Hansel, your legacy lives on as we continue to foster and adopt little orphans.  Sending love to you in Heaven my sweet Baby Hansels!  


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