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Memorial created 06-25-2007 by
Richard Cothran
October 16 1994 - June 22 2007

Watchin' the world go by, ridin' in our truck with dad...


? An Ordinary Day

To Dollie:

I'm so thankful for all the memories
That we created along the way.
And not just of the big and special stuff,
But for the memories of an ordinary day.

For when I awoke in the morning,
And I was blessed with the day's new light,
Just as soon as I saw your little face,
I knew all was calm and right.

And so we began each and every day.
With a kiss, just to seal our love.
And we never let it slip our minds
To thank Our Father in Heaven above.

We both knew without His blessings,
You may have been born someone else's gurl.
And I could have been someone else's dad,
In some other part of the world.

So, once we had our priorities in order,
We were off to face the day.
Why shucks, we never even had a plan,
"We'll play it by ear" we'd say.

First things first, we knew that we had
To get you outside so you could tee-tee.
And I'd always laugh when you'd squat down,
And say "Daddy, don't you look at me!"

Then once all of that was taken care of,
We were ready, prepared to go.
It was time to board our "big ol' truck,"
My goodness, how we loved that so.

Once we got ourselves strapped in,
Feeling all safe, and so secure,
You'd say "Daddy, where are we going?"
And I'd say "Dollie, I'm not sure."

We'd always burst out laughing,
Because we never, ever had a clue.
But we knew that we'd always have fun,
Just being together, me and you.

Once we got headed down the road,
Every time and without fail,
You always ease over into daddy's lap,
Slyly wagging you dainty little tail.

"Daddy, would you please hold me up,
And let me watch the world go by?
I promise I won't lean out too far,
And maybe get a bug in my little eye."

And so another ordinary day for us,
I'm sure boring and drab for some.
But to us, oh, it was anything but,
It was a day filled with with love and fun.

Then when another ordinary day was done,
And recorded down in history,
We'd bow our heads together again.
And thank Him, you and me.

As we prayed and thanked Him for another
Ordinary day that we'd just spent,
Tears of joy would flood our eyes
For to each other's lives He lent.

And then it was time to snuggle up,
All comfy and cozy for the night.
And as our ordinary day came to a close,
All was peaceful, and oh so right.

I love you, little Dollie Bug,
Our ordinary days meant the world to me.
Now I'm just looking forward to the day soon,
Ordinary, we'll again be.


Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me...

Happy Thirteenth Birthday Dollie

Well, Dot, today's your birthday,
And I'm doing the best that I can.
I'm trying not to drown in my tears,
I'm trying to take it all, like a man.

Well, if that is what a man should do,
To keep it bottled up and not cry,
Well then, I don't want to be a man.
I don't even want to try.

Because my heart is broken, Dollie,
And I'll cry, if that's what I want to do,
For me to have to spend Your Day alone,
And not to spend it there with you.

But daddy's trying hard not to focus,
On your leaving him down here on earth.
Instead, remembering that joyous day,
That he was witness to your birth.

Hey look, now Dollie, I'm smiling,
Thinking back on your very first day.
I knew just as soon as you took your first breath,
That our journey was on its way.

And now you're a little teenage gurl,
My gosh, how time it does fly.
But I guess that with all of the fun that we had,
The years, they just rolled on by.

And I suppose when most other little gurls
Would reach this milestone year,
They'd be embarrassed to be a "daddy's gurl,"
Maybe not even want them near.

Now, I'm not bragging here, Dollie,
But I believe that I know your heart.
I'd like to think that you'd want me to be
By your side, from this day's start.

Yes, we'd celebrate your birthday,
And we'd do all that you wanted to do.
Kinda' like we did your first twelve,
Having fun, just me and you.

But this year, it'll be a little different,
And although we'll be far apart,
We can still celebrate it together,
Because we live in each other's heart.

Well, I'd better let you go now, sugar,
I think your friends have you a birthday plan.
My birthday wish is that you wait for me,
Your daddy, in God's hand. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. I hope that Your Day is filled with fun, love and All of the Great things that you love and deserve. Thank you, Dollie, for Truly making your daddy the happiest man that ever lived..;)


Dollie's 13th Birthday Cake




Today's a very special day
For on this day was born
An Angel sent from Heaven
Whose heart was pure and warm

I witnessed your arrival
And I was surely blessed
It was only the beginning
To a life of happiness

I gazed upon your fragile being
And thought, "Oh, what a Doll!"
It's funny how your life can change
By an Angel oh so small

We bonded almost instantly
Our love was pure and true
I've learned so many lessons
Just by loving you

You blessed me with near 13 years
Oh, Dollie, the joy we've known
The memories live within my heart
A heart which is your home

In his grace God took you home
On earth your job was through
My heavy heart grieves every day
For the crushing loss of you

Your legacy lives on in me
Your love was not in vain
I'm a better man for loving you
And with time, I'll love again


Your Loving Daddy


A video of my little daughter, Dollie, walking in the grass, just being the good lil' gurl that she is..;)


My Little Merry Christmas Angel..;)
Dollie's Lil' Christmas Tree

To my Critters friends:

As the hectic day draws to a close
And the daytime fades to night
I sit down at my computer
And visit my little gurl's site.

And when her page is fully loaded
When she's there and her face appears
Every time and without fail
It's sure to bring the tears.

Sometimes it's tears of happiness
Sometimes it's tears of pain
But the tears, they come with certainty
As sure as the springtime rain.

And after I spend some time with Dot
Quality time, my daughter and I
I always leave her with a little prayer
Before we say goodbye.

Now it's time to visit the new kids
The ones added to Critters today
I desire to get to know each one
In a personal and intimate way.

Every time I think "I'm in control
It won't get to me today
I'll visit each baby and then I'll leave
A little note and be on my way."

So with good intent I'll click on a pic
And enter that little one's site
And if I'm not careful I just might be
Sitting here staring at them all night.

Because it matters not to me if I visit
With a doggie or a kitty or a bird
My heart just breaks so bad sometimes
I'll leave without even a word.

I'll think "here I am a grown man
Battle scared by life on earth
Can I not think of something to say
Some comforting words of worth?"

So most times I'll usually leave a note
To convey sympathy that I've sent
Forgive me if I don't say the right thing
Because I try with good intent.

And then there's times, I must admit
As hard as I may try
The words won't come, I sit and stare
And like a newborn babe I cry.

Because I know that mommy or daddy
Or whoever it might be
Is walking the path that I walked
When Dollie was taken from me.

And if I could write a message
That would be a literary masterpiece
It still would just be scribble
Not causing their pain to cease.

So I want each and every one of you
Who may read this jumbled mess
To know my heart is with you
As your faith's put to the test.

Although I'm grieving just like you are
I want you each to clearly see
I'll always be here for you all
For you've got a friend in me..;)


My Valentine Wish For You
By Dollie Cothran

Hello everyone in Critters land
Do you each have a moment to spare?
I've got something I need to tell you
Some thoughts that I need to share.

I know the time on earth has come
To the day set aside for love
And I'm sure it's gonna be hard for some
With their little ones up here above.

So today we little angels met
To decide what we might do
Some kind of reminder sent from afar
Of the love that we carry for you.

We chatted aloud and in one accord
It really took us no time at all
We took a vote and all agreed
Just what we could do for ya'll.

If you each could set aside a moment
Or two, just some quiet time
And let all the worries of your world
Escape from your troubled mind.

Just close your eyes and relax yourself
Concentrate on us angels up here
But try to hold back, don't be sad
We don't want you to shed a tear.

All of a sudden the picture appears
Crystal clear in your heart and mind
All of us angels, happy and healthy
Our new bodies, heavenly divine.

After you survey the beautiful site
Of all of us playing and having fun
Right there forefront in your mind
Will be your daughter, or your son.

Yes you'll know them in a second
You'll recognize your precious one
For the love that they'll be showing
Will shine brighter than your sun.

Just for this day you'll notice
Something special's been done for you
God made our hearts transparent
So you could see our love is true.

For He knew that if He did this
That any doubt would be dispelled
There would never be any question
As to the love our little hearts held.

So I'd like to ask you if you would
To follow this simple guideline
And to spend this very special day
With your sweet little valentine..;)

Happy valentine's day everyone. I love you all very, very much. Toot-A-Loo, Dollie Bug..;)


Snowball, Jake and Dollie being MEAN!



I cannot ease your aching heart,
Nor take your pain away;
But let me stay and take your hand
And walk with you today.

I'll listen when you need to talk,
I'll wipe away your tears;
I'll share your worries when they come,
I'll help you face your fears.

I'm here and I will stand by you,
On each hill you have to climb;
So take my hand, let's face the world ...
And live just one day at a time.

You're not alone, for I'm still here,
I'll go that extra mile;
And when your grief is easier,
I'll help you learn to smile! I love you daddy, Dollie Marie Cothran


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