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Memorial created 07-1-2007 by
Raelynn Albright
Bruiser Lee Albright
November 5 2003 - June 30 2007

My Sweet Bruiser

In loving memory of our Bruiser Lee Albright who we love so much. Bruiser Lee Albright will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. What a sweet baby you were, no one will ever know what a great friend that you were. You were always there for me--when I needed to talk, cry, laugh, play or just be lazy. You were up for whatever I wanted and happy to do it. I miss you soooo much!! It is so hard to come home and not see those sweet eyes looking up at me, and you jumping up and down-waiting with the gift of "the shoe". I still go to the door to let you out each night like before, but now I just look up at the stars and pray that you are at peace. I miss you! Nick seems to think that you are up in Heaven sniffing all of the dogs butts and running around having a good time. I pray that he is right. I hope to be with you again someday in heaven. I love you Bru Lee and life will never be the same without you, you left a paw print on my heart, make that--my broken heart.


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