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Our Precious Winky - A true Angel on Earth. We love you with all our hearts. Love, Mom, Jodi, Gina

Memorial created 08-13-2007 by
Mary, Jodi, Gina ,Sharon and Joe
June 25 1995 - August 6 2007

Vanilla cake with vanilla frosting...Winky's favorite!

Every year Winky celebrated her birthday with cake, ice cream, and presents. Usually neighborhood children would come over for some cake and ice cream, but this year we decided to have the biggest birthday party ever to celebrate Winky's 12th birthday! Winky's family and friends joined her for a very special day. She greeted every person who came through the back gate! Winky KNEW that the party was in her honor! Over 25 guests came that day just for our angel, Winky. This year Winky received some extra special gifts...sirloin steaks, filet mignon, bones, treats, and squeaky toys...she deserved it all!!!


My little Doodle!

When we first met Winky she was so tiny that she could fit in Mom's hand. She was only ten days old. Winky was the smallest in a litter of thirteen. Winky came wobbling toward us, and we knew that she was the one that should come home with us. We picked Winky up and asked her if she would like to come home with us, and she immediately winked her eye. We all thought it was a coincidence, so we asked her again, and again she winked her eye...and so "Winky" was ours. My baby girl and I (Mom) would walk every day and sometimes twice a day. We shared every day together, and every day was special. We loved each other very much.


My sweet angel!

Winky loved to ride in the car listening to some of her favorite music playing with the windows rolled down having her ears blowing in the wind. During the summer months we would ride to one of our favorite ice cream stands, and Winky would get so excited. She loved vanilla ice cream. Whenever we had ice cream, it was understood that the bottom of the cone, which had lots of ice cream in it,(kind of like a mini ice cream cone) was hers!


The love of my life!

I would get up early every day just to spend time with Winky. Every day I would leave late because I spent so much time kissing and hugging Winky and telling her how much I loved her. I could not wait to get home to see Winky. She would get so excited, tail wagging like crazy when she saw me. Coming home to Winky was the BEST part of my day!


My munchkin.

Winky and I appreciated natureís beauty in forests, beaches and fields. Hiking in the local state forests was a favorite of ours. Winky liked to investigate all corners of the forest, running ahead and always checking to see if I was coming along behind her. We liked to ride in the car with all of the windows down (Winky catching the benefit of the breeze from the sun roof in the back seat). Iíll miss stealing a hug from her and scratching her chin, sitting in the sun with her, listening to her lick her lips after a special snack and hearing the thump of her excited tail against the floor when she saw us enter a room. Winky had a calming presence and generous spirit about her. I loved her quiet company and happy heart.


My best buddy!

Winky loved hanging out back with me while I worked in the yard. She especially liked hanging out at the wood pile. If I went downstairs to work she was always right beside me. Of course we watched all the important games together. We both loved to snack on Cheez-its. She was my best buddy!


Winky loved Gramma!

Gramma was one of Winky's favorite people. Gramma would unexpectedly drop by to visit Winky...and many times she brought an ice cream cone with her as an extra special treat! Thank you, Gramma, you are "paw-sitively" the BEST!

Winky ALWAYS gave Gramma her paw and a hug!
Winky's favorite babysitter...Uncle Fran!

Thanks to Uncle Fran, Winky never had to be alone. We could always count on him to take great care of Winky while we were out of the house. Whenever we returned home, we would always find Uncle Fran and Winky watching Old Western Movies. We never worried when Winky was in Uncle Fran's care. Thank you, Uncle Fran, for loving Winky.

Uncle Fran and Winky share a special moment!

Thank you to everyone, family and friends, who loved Winky throughout her life. She was so special and all of you treated her that way. Thank you for all your support when we lost Winky on Monday, August 6, 2007. God answered our prayers in that we were all with her when she peacefully passed in her favorite spot in our home.


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