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Our Precious Winky - A true Angel on Earth. We love you with all our hearts. Love, Mom, Jodi, Gina

Memorial created 08-13-2007 by
Mary, Jodi, Gina ,Sharon and Joe
June 25 1995 - August 6 2007

Thank you for your gift of love.

Dear Uncle Tommy and Aunt Mary, We are eternally grateful for the most precious gift we could ever receive, our Winky. We had her for twelve years, one month and twelve days, and they were the happiest days of our lives. Winky will remain in our hearts forever. Because of your generous hearts, we shared a love like no other. By giving us Winky you changed our lives forever. We now know unconditional love. Winky was the most loving, gentle and caring member of our family. She was with us through the good times and helped us through the most difficult times. We love her with all our hearts,and we will cherish her memory until we are with her again. Thank you, Uncle Tommy and Aunt Mary. We love you, Mary, Jodi, Gina and Sharon


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