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Memorial created 08-27-2007 by
Brenda Turner
September 9 1994 - August 17 2007

Favourite Place - watching everyone go by

Buster you have left a huge gap in our lives - we now know how much our lives revolved around you and we are missing it. We know you got poorly towards the end and tried so hard to stay with us. We will never forget you and hope you are watching over us We will never forget you - you touched the hearts of so many of our friends Goodbye for now,you will always by in our hearts for ever - we will never forget you and no one will ever take your place xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Over the park - playing in the sand Even those this was a golf course all my other friends where over here for there daily walk, we use to have to duck and dive know and again to miss the golf ball,some of my friends use to run after the ball, but i never did i was goody too shoes, /// But as i went blind with out any warning my playmates were so carefull with me, they knew something was not right so did not run to me fast and jump all over me,even thoe i could not se, i liked the feel of the sand between my toes,


Out for my daily walk I loved that word walkies I would run down the stairs wagging my tail by the front and barking and running around like a madman till my lead was on, Oh how i loved thoes walkies, even when i went blind it just meant i would bump in to things now and again,and of course i cound not run down stairs like before, but my mommy and daddy would make me try to do it now and again, If i was tieded i use to make out i could not do it, and have them hug me and carry me up and down,I knew they would do any thing for me because they love me so much,


Its a dogs life! Its so sad - I lost my sight towards the end but I still found my way around even though i bumped into many things and had to be carried up and down stairs, I love my lasy days just chilling out i loved just rolling on the cold wooden floor, i had so many doggy places to put my head down and have a nap, I have to say as i was getting a bit older i was napping a lot more,


Fast asleep again on my favourite pillows, I loved all my home comforts i had many, when i could see i would go up stairs and jump on mommy's and daddy's bed and squash all the pillows downs, then jump off and leave the the bed lookimg very untidy,and always get away with it, because i was the boss,and they love me,


My last photo shot, It was so sad me going blind, I would bump in to lots of things and have to be carried up and down the stairs My little body was growing weak and i did try hard to smile at the people who loved me and i loved them back IM GOING TO BE A HARD ACT TO FOLLOW; So please dont cry and feel sad iv had the best life ever, And im going to a special place know no more pain, I will be with me house mate rabbit L B,we had so much fun together lying on the carpet stretched out, L B would pinch my treats the only person to get away with it, we had such fun running round in the garden i would always protected him when any cat jump on the fence i chase them off barking at them, I missed him when he left us, i sat with my mommy that night till LB left us, And i will be with my other play mates Gizzy Alice and Woodle they will look after me, Me and L B will look down on you and smile and thank you for all the love you gave us and the wonderfull life we had with you both,and to let you know we love you mommy and daddy so much and alway's will x x FROM BUSTER 17TH AUGUST 2007 I promise that, and hope you'll always know That my spirit will be close to you wherever you may go thank you for loving me you know i love you too thats why its hard to say goodbye and end this life with you So hold me now just one more time and let me hear you say because you care so much for me you'll let me go today, FROM MOMMY AND DADDY, God bless you for all the memories you have left us with, you gave us 13 great years,and we thank you so much for that, and even when you got so ill at Xmas, you tryed so hard to pull through to stay with us, we thank you so much for that, you gave us more time with you, you where the first dog we have ever had, and are so please we picked you, no one will ever take your place, you where so special and we miss you so much, In our hearts for ever, and we will love you for ever mommy and daddy xx and LB X X





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