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Memorial created 10-15-2007 by
Ann Earnshaw
Wor Noops(Snoopy)
October 23 1993 - December 5 2006

             Happy Birthday Noops

                    With Love




To my special little boy on his birthday. You’ll be the star at Rainbow Bridge today on your birthday.

Noops so deserved his angel wings but he wasen’t always an angel at home. He lived life to the full, making every second count. He had so much energy and zest for life. Even in his later years he was full of mischief and adventure. I thank god, Noops had a healthy life right up until the last week of his life on earth.

I’ve created his birthday page as a celebration of his life, a happy place to come and remember.

I thought i would include a few of the funny things Noops got up to. Ok i didn’t find most of them funny at the time. The only time i used his name ‘Snoopy’ was when he was naughty. The rest of the time it was Noops, Noopy, Snoops and The Noopster!

Noops would have loved being a street dog if he never liked his home comforts so much. He had to be somewhere comfortable often the clean laundry. He’d scatter it around until he got himself comfy.

He was always right under the duvet or right in front of the fire. It wouldn’t be long until he was panting hard but he’d never move.

Snoops was a great escape artist, Im sure his legs were made of springs. He’d clear high fences no problem. He mastered opening doors so places we didn’t want him to go we had to remove the door handles. One day we returned home to find Noops gone. We couldn’t understand it. I noticed the bathroom window upstairs had been left open. He had climbed out the window onto a lower roof then made his escape.

He wasen’t often left alone as all he’d do was WOOF,WOOF,WOOF, much to my neighbours annoyance!

Wor Noops went mad for bricks and big stones and rocks when he was out on a walk. Too big for him to carry so he’d stand barking like mad and chewing them. At a check up at the vets the vet commented on the fact he liked stones. He’d wore all his teeth down.

He was so inquisitive. Once i caught him sitting right on top of our fish tank and one time i let him out in the yard. Going out later i couldn’t see him. I glanced over to the rabbit hutch and there he was, sitting right next to the rabbit in the hutch, somehow he’d flicked the door open.

Smooching in the kitchen was a good pastime for Noops. Once he pulled a bag of flour off the bench. Everywhere was white!!! He managed to steal some meat out the fridge which was still in it’s plastic wrapper. The first we knew about this was when he threw it back up, still complete with wrapper.

Wor Noops loved camping. If we shouted ‘Noopy going camping’ or ‘walkies’ he’d jump the height of us. Our first camping trip, i discovered at 5am Noops had chewed a hole in the tent and was gone. I caught him having a great time chasing squirrels.

When he was 9 years old our vet recommended getting him neutered, it may calm him down. After the operation he slept most of the day and evening. At about 3am he nudged me to go out so in my slippers i followed him thinking he’d just go on the front grass. He took me right around the block!!!

Of course inbetween his naughty antics he was the most lovable companion anyone could have. He loved cuddles and from his first breath to his last, he never growled or was nasty to anyone. Young or old. When my hubby and I used to playfight Noops would always jump in the way to protect me. I love you Noops. Thankyou for making me laugh. I would never have changed you if i could.




Noops Birthday in Heaven



Calling all the angels--

It's a special day today!

For Noops is turning 15  years old!

Here's what he has to say:


"Mammy, please dry all your tears;

I know you miss me so.

And if it had been up to me,

I'd never have chosen to go."


"For I knew that you would miss me

And the things that we could do,

And I wish I could have stayed on earth

And lived down there with you."


"But, Mammy, now I'm well and whole;

I sing and play all day

With all the angel boys and girls

Who've come to heaven to stay."


"Lord Jesus holds us in His arms

And tells us of His love;

He knew that we were hurting--

That's why we came above."


"I love you, Mammy, every day;

I send you kisses, too.

And some day you will join me here

And I'll always be with you."


"I've got to go--the party's on!

We'll sing and dance and play.

But I am always in your heart

And never far away."


"Please find a way to celebrate,

Even if you cry;

Perhaps you'll send me some balloons

Soaring to the sky."


"And I will know they came from you,

And I'll be flying near.

I send you love and kisses, too.

I love you, Mammy, dear."


Written by Saralyn McAfee


Noops you are my sunshine. You brightened up my darkest days.

You are the sunshine of my life,
Thats why Ill always stay around,
You are the apple of my eye,
Forever youll stay in my heart,

You must have known that I was lonely,
Because you came to my rescue,
And I know that this must be heaven,
How could so much love be inside of you?


Happy Birthday Noops. We Love You X


Up and Away. It was very windy. They'll be there soon Noops.


It was kind of magical watching the balloons fly away. We watched until they were no longer in sight. My daughter Caitlin asked when Noops would get his balloons. To which i replyed, Anytime soon. He's not far away, he's only beyond the clouds.



By: Wor Noops,  From: Heaven  

Hi Mam,I want you to know that I miss you just as much as you miss me. I also want you to know that I'm doing fine here no more fits and I'm healthy once again. I've made some wonderful friends here, we all look out for one another and play all the time. Well someone and I haven't figured out just who let the cat (only a figure of speech Mam) out of the bag the other day and when I woke up in the morning I could smell the most yummiest smell I can think smelled familiar but I just couldn't pinpoint just what it was...I started on my walk thru one of the parks here and I could see smoke rising from the stacks over at the "Barkery"...that's the place that makes all our treats up here, anyways I figured that maybe they were trying out a new recipe for our doggie bones...well I could hear a little laughter coming from behind the bushes so I stopped to look around the corner and guess what Mam?? All my friends, Ebony, Killer, Copper,Nvwati,Annie, Buster, Toto,Ceasar, Luke,Milkdud,Lil' Joe (he was still wearing his Elvis Pupsley jumpsuit cause he's afraid to take it off cause he thinks he won't be able to get back into it cause of all the goodies he's eaten recently) I don't know why but just recently he's been walking around all day saying "Thank you, thank you very much! what can that mean??? Anyways there they all were too many to name too, when they all jumped in front of me and started singing "Happy Birthday to you"...can you believe it Mam...they somehow knew it was my birthday.. The boys all said they were going to take me over to "Puppy Dog Tail's Lake" and we were going out on the the new yacht for a day of boating...boy was I thrilled We took extra bottles of ice cold water as it was going to be a beautiful sunny day out on the water. It turned out to be the best time Mam, not only did we sail all over the lake but we also went went down stairs and played pool and'd have laughed Mam, we looked like just like those doggies in the picture that hangs on some peoples walls of the dogs playing poker. We all laughed and had a great time...I won the largest pot too...I had a full house with Aces and Kings andended up winning 4,321 pieces of kibble..yup that's what we played for.Yum, Yum!! When we got back to shore after being out there for about 5 hours there were hundreds more of my friends standing by the dock waiting for us...Blossom, Daisy, Dollie,Lucy Goose, Gypsy Rose, Misty, too many to mention...then Nvwati started singing "Happy Happy Birthday Baby" and Lil Joe followed with "I'm all shook up" of that's why he's been walking around saying "Thank you, thank you very much"...he thinks he's Elvis, now I get it! The girls had set up a huge table with all kinds of treats and cold drinks for us all and im the middle of the table, there it was the biggest cake I had ever seen. Blossom, Daisy and Dollie had made it..It had Dollie's world famous white frosting on it and tiny little chocolate dog bones sprinkled all on top surrounded by a chocolate seashell border. On top it said "Happy Birthday Noops" and a big "14" candle on it. They the gave me a present that was the coolest sky blue bandana that read "Mam's #1 Boy". I put it on right away and haven't taken it off was autographed by the designer "Corey"...I love it! Mam, I just want you to know I know that somehow you had a hand in what everyone did for me for my birthday and I love you and Corey , my little brother with my whole heart. I will wait for however long it takes to see you both again, but in the mean time please know I'm doing fine. Love, Your Boy, War Noops 


This letter was delivered to me by An Angel here at Critters on Noops first birthday away from home. I have no idea who this Angel is amongst us, but i truly Thank them from the bottom of my heart.


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