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Memorial created 10-15-2007 by
Ann Earnshaw
Wor Noops(Snoopy)
October 23 1993 - December 5 2006

Noops was the last of my 3 dogs to enter Rainbow Bridge.My husband and I first got Snowy from the local dog shelter. She was a ball of cream fluff.She grew up to be so gentle and such a happy dog.You just had to glance at her and she would wag her tail frantically!She lived for 12 years before having to be PTS because of heart trouble. Our other dog was Max who came to live with us when he was 2 years old.Max craved attention and would follow me around the house. Even to the toilet!He was absolutely beautiful. My 3 dogs were my life...My world! In the beginning i had trouble conceiving so the dogs meant everything to me. Mayhem with 3 dogs ruling the house but i wouldn't have it any other way! Snowy got out by accident whilst in season and got caught by a dog.She had a litter of 7 pups but 1 died shortly after birth.They were all black and black/tan except one pure white Wor Noops. I don't know if it was just his colour that made him stand out from the rest,but i knew then Noops was going to stay.My husband said "You're not keeping any" "Hmmm " I said. When the pups were old enough i advertised for good homes.While my husband was at work one by one the pups went to new homes.My husband commented on the fact the little white one remained."I thought the white one would go first,standing out from the rest""Hmmm " I said. Little did he know at the time,I never showed Noops to people. He had a home.....With me!!!


I remember when i left a bag of flour on the kitchen bench.Noops pulled it off.I walked into a snowstorm in the kitchen.Little Noopy prints everywhere. My sister and I still laugh about the time we went to her house.She had just made the biggest sandwich for herself.She turned her back for a second and Noops pinched it!She wasen't laughing at the time! My dad had just got a new car which i had borrowed.I left Snowy inside it while i went into the shops.When i came back she had chewed the gear knob clean off!Not very popular with dad!!! Our first camping trip i noticed Noops was missing out the tent.It was 5am.I was sneaking around the campsite to find him having a great time chasing red squirrels. We were out on a walk with the dogs.I sat at the top of an embankment when Max decided to pull on my ankles.Noops decided to join in and they pulled me down the hill all the way.My husband couldn't stop laughing. Noops would lie in front of the fire and after a while would get hot and start panting but he'd still lie there panting harder and harder. He was the same on the bed, he'd pant when he was hot shaking the bed like mad but wouldn't get down. Snowy, Noops mam loved the fire so much.So much so she would be right up against it. We'd often smell slightly burned fur.


Memory is a lovely lane where hearts are ever true, A lane i so often travel down because it leads to you x



Thankyou Noops for every snuggle you gave me. Every wet kiss and every wag of your happy tail. Thankyou for always greeting me when i walked through the door and for pressing your nose up at the window waiting my return.


I remember all the times you would jump the height of me to catch a ball. I remember when you had a bath, you would run mad around the house rubbing yourself on the carpet and against the sofa to dry yourself. You wore your teeth right down chewing on big stones. You'd make me laugh when you would bark like mad at big stones that were too big and you couldn't pick up. I remember the day you were neautered. You were drowsy when i brought you home.You slept most evening so i left you downstairs when i went to bed. At about 3am i felt you at the side of my bed nudging me with your wet nose. I got up to see what you wanted. You stood by the front door. I followed you outside. You took me right round the block in my dressing gown and slippers. Noops you did some silly things. I remember when i let you out into the back yard. After a while i noticed you were gone. I couldn't understand where you had disappeared to. I looked over to our rabbit in the hutch. You had somehow opened the flap to the door and climbed inside. What a picture you were sitting in this little hutch next to the rabbit.

I love this photo of you all Young,Happy and Smiling. This photo hangs on my sitting room wall
Noops You Are So Beautiful. Moments In Time Never To Be Forgotten

In the beginning it was just my husband and I with our 3 dogs, Max,Snowy(Noops mam) and Snoopy. We rented a house but the landlady wanted the house back. When our tenancy ran out on the property, we faced the prospect of being homeless. We had plenty offers of places to stay but no-one was willing to accept the dogs too. We were prepared to all sleep in the van. I was not going to be parted from my babies. Grandma eventually gave in. We all stayed at her house together until we moved into our new home. I know deep down she loved the dogs! I'll always be grateful to her.


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