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Memorial created 10-15-2007 by
Ann Earnshaw
Wor Noops(Snoopy)
October 23 1993 - December 5 2006

The Spirit of a Dog

I was standing on a hillside In a field of blowing wheat, And the spirit of a dog Was lying at my feet. He looked at me with kind dark eyes, Ancient wisdom shining through. In the essence of his being, I saw the love there too. His mind did lock upon my heart As I stood there on that day, And he told me of this story About a place so far away. As I stood upon that hillside In a field of blowing wheat, In a twinkling of a second His spirit left my feet. His tale did put my heart at ease, All my fears did fade away About what lay ahead of me On another distant day: I live among God's creatures now In the heavens of your mind, So do not grieve for me, my friend, As I am with my kind. My collar is a rainbow's hue, My leash is a shooting star. My boundaries are the Milky Way Where I sparkle from afar. There are no pens or kennels here For I am not confined, But I'm free to roam God's heavens Among the Doggie kind. I nap the day on a snowy cloud Gentle breezes rocking me, And dream the dreams of earthlings, And how it used to be. The trees are full of liver treats, And tennis balls abound, And milkbones line the walkways Just waiting to be found. There even is a ring set up, The grass all lush and green; And everyone who gaits around Becomes the Best of Breed. For we're all winners in this place; We have no faults, you see. And God passes out those ribbons To each one, even me. I drink from waters laced with gold, My world a beauty to behold; And wise old dogs do form my pride To amble at my very side. At night I sleep in angel's arms, Her wings protecting me, And moonbeams dance about us As stardust falls on thee. So when your life on Earth is spent And you stand at Heaven's gate, Have no fear of loneliness For here, you know, I wait.


Do not mourn my passing for if you could only see by slipping all my earthly bonds, I'm young again and free. By day I run the Heavenly fields, my body healthy and strong At night I sleep at Angels' Feet, lulled by Celestial Song. So do not mourn my passing, just close your eyes - you'll see I'm once again that frisky pup, just as you remember me.


It Wouldn't Be Heaven

I got to the gate of Heaven today, after we said goodbye. I began to miss you terribly, because I heard you cry. Suddenly there was an angel, and she asked me to enter Heaven's gate. I asked her if I could stay outside for someone who would be late. I wouldn't make much noise, you see, I wouldn't bark or howl. I'll only wait here patiently and play with my tennis ball. The angel said I could stay right here and wait for you to come. Because Heaven just wouldn't be Heaven if I went in alone. So I'll wait right here, you take your time, but keep me in your heart. Because Heaven just wouldn't be Heaven without you to warm my heart.


I stood by your bed last night; I came to have a peep. I could see that you were crying you found it hard to sleep. I whined to you softly as you brushed away a tear, "It's me, I haven't left you, I'm well, I'm fine, I'm here." I was close to you at breakfast, I watched you pour the tea, You were thinking of the many times your hands reached down to me. I was with you at the shops today; your arms were getting sore. I longed to take your parcels, I wish I could do more. I was with you at my grave today; you tend it with such care. I want to reassure you, that I'm not lying there. I walked with you towards the house, as you fumbled for your key. I gently put my paw on you; I smiled and said, "It's me." You looked so very tired, and sank into a chair. I tried so hard to let you know, that I was standing there. It's possible for me to be near you every day. To say to you with certainty, "I never went away." You sat there very quietly, then smiled, I think you knew... In the stillness of that evening, I was very close to you. The day is over...I smile and watch you yawning And say, "Goodnight, God bless, I'll see you in the morning." And when the time is right for you to cross the brief divide, I'll rush across to greet you and we'll stand, side by side. I have so many things to show you, there is so much for you to see. Be patient, live your journey out...then come home to be with me.


Message To My Master The day you laid me down to sleep you prayed to the Lord; my soul to keep I know you had to send me on my way but you sent me to a new; better; and much brighter day You sent me home; to heaven above where I'm cradled in God's arms; covered with His love I understand what you did; you did out of love and I'll return that love; from my new home above My sickness is gone; and I'm free here to roam I run and play in the meadows; here in my new home We play here by the Bridge; from morning to night there is no rain here; just warm sunlight I know you all miss me; I miss you all too but I'll always be with you; whatever you do Please wipe the tears; from your weeping eyes by remembering the good times; from days gone by When you look out; into the dark of night I'll be that bright star; your guiding light We'll meet again at the Bridge one day when we'll walk in the light; together to stay

A good dog never dies.He walks beside you on crisp autumn days when frost is on the fields

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