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Memorial created 10-23-2007 by
Dori and Anthony
August 21 1995 - August 11 2007

In Memory of My Cousin Sammy

May 21, 2008

This is my cousin Sammy.  He is a Rotweiler Mastif mix.  We used to play when we were little ones.  Seems like just yesterday when he threatened to kick my ass for eating his food.  Sammy was a big beautiful beast with the heart of a lamb.  His growl was that of a grizzly bear, and he had the jumbo paws to match!

Sammy grew tired of all the aches and ailments of his aging body.  He fought a long fight and won.  He decided it was high time he saw what all the fuss was about up here at the Bridge.  Last night, Gypsy and I welcomed him with open paws.  Well, at least I did; Gypsy was mumbling something about him cramping her style...  As soon he arrived, we brought him straight to the bbq so he could get something to eat, and he drank out of our fresh water stream.  He was very hungry and thirsty!  He told us he missed his mom so much but was happy to finally be free of the pain that had been part of his life for so long.  He told us all about everything she did to make him comfortable and well - about the unconditional love and patience she constantly showed him.  He said he will remember it forever and a day.  It's his turn to take care of and watch over her now.  He wants her to know that like me and Gypsy, he is finally free of all the aches and frustration he endured on earth.  Up here, he can run, play and relax comfortably in his puppy body once again!! 


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