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April 0 2001 - April 6 2006

In loving memory of our Meiko This memorial is dedicated to our dear Meiko who was not only a loving, beautiful cat but also a cherished member of our family and my best friend. Her passing has left a deep void in our lives. We all miss her deeply.


I adopted Meiko in 2001 from a nearby vet who helped find homes for abandoned cats. I remember how she nestled in my neck the moment I picked her up. She was three months old but very underweight and petite for her age. Like many kittens, her body was a little disproportionate to her feet and ears, and the sight of her awkwardly running toward me made me laugh. I loved her the moment that I found her, and yet, I did not know just how deeply I would grow to love her and how painful her passing would be. As she grew, our friendship grew. Each night, she nuzzled in my arm and "biscuited" my neck until she fell asleep. Some times I would awake to see only one paw slightly "biscuting" the air as she drifted off to sleep. We laughed and played, slept and dreamed. She would speak to me in a language that I learned to partially understand. However, I was more amazed at the way that she seemed to understand me. She was my most loyal friend, and she comforted me during some of the most difficult times in my life. In those moments, I thought that we would be together forever.


In April 2006, Meiko became very sick. She stopped eating and became listless. My vet informed me that she was dying of feline leukemia. She told me that Meiko had contracted the disease as a kitten, prior to my adopting her, and thus, her annual vaccinations did no good in protecting her. My vet told me that Meiko had about 36 hours of quality life to live before she would begin suffering. I brought her home and spent almost every hour with her, dreading the moment that I would have to make that difficult drive to the vet's office one final time. Those three days were the longest as well as the shortest days on my life.


Meiko, we will remember you always, and you will remain in our hearts forever. Although our time together was far too short, we will always be thankful to have had you in our family. We love you so much.


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