Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 01-14-2008 by
Leigh Graham
Little Bit and Raven

Our Angel Little Bit


Sitting so pretty


Taken at Studio


Another at the studio


I am a Princess!


Giving Daddy a kiss


Getting treat from Daddy


See? I can sit up too


I love mommies lap


Napping with Mommy


Taking more pictures?


OH oH, Love to open presents!


Ahh, no more?


Lookie my pink tummie!


Oh yea,, YARN!


Getting the yarn!


Yarn yarn and more yarn


Running Free!


love the outdoors


Got a boo boo


MaMa Kitty and Bitty


This is MY seat!


I love my window seat


Waiting for more treats


I have broken footie


I dont like hair cuts


Little Bit and Raven


Watching over Baby Whitney


LIttle Bit and Lady


At the cabin


Boy, do I need a haircut


The sun is bright , and I am sleepy.


I just love soaking up the sun


My sister Raven,


Mommy lets me sit here whenever I want.


Oh, you scared me, I didnt know you where there mom.


I just love babies, and this is MY baby!


Can you see me in my blankie?




Mommy made my blankie bed for me!


Yep, I still watch Baby Whitney


Whitney and Bitty, This is the


Mommy and Me FOREVER


My painting of my baby girls. 2005


The Keepsake box I made for my Little Baby


Little Bitty dines here now


Thank you Carole


Little Bittys Feathered Sister Daisy Duke! She would sit on Little Bits shoulders.


She's an Angel



At Rainbow Bridge


She is soloved!


This is the Gate right after you cross Rainbow bridge. Heaven is all around her!


Every Photo is a Loved photo!


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