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Memorial created 02-4-2008
August 15 2007 - February 4 2008

My beautiful angel

lei vivera per sempre nel mio cuore, il mio angelo.


Bella and big brother Valentino

My beautiful angel was euthanized yesterday.  It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make.  She was only 5 months old.  She was outside and had gotten into the engine of my car.  I didn't know she was there as I drove around town running errands, she never made a sound.  My car broke down, when we opened the hood she ran out.  Her leg was very badly mangled from getting caught in a belt and pulled through a pulley.  I thought that when I took her to the vet, everything would be okay.  The vet told me that there was a very slim chance they could do anything for her, that it would take multiple surgeries and maybe an amputation, and that it was probably best I end her suffering.  It was extremely hard to sign those papers and I regret not going back there with her, but I couldn't watch her leave me.  She was so perfect, the sweetest most beautiful cat i have ever had.  She loved me so much, and followed me everywhere.  Jumping in my lap to snuggle everytime I sat down.  Her hair is still on the couch, I can't bear to vacuum it up.  It is all I have left besides her pink collar.  Her time on this earth was much too short.  I miss her so incredibly much, my heart aches, my stomach turns, I don't know when I will feel better.  I feel like it is all my fault, if only I hadn't been in a rush, and thought to let her in before I left.

Goofing off on the couch with big sis Sophie

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