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Memorial created 02-13-2008 by
Wendy Huegli
June 20 1995 - February 10 2008

Bandit you are now and always will be my very best companion. You came to me on an American Airline flight from MIA to STX, a little black and white, blue eyed Siberian husky for my 27th birthday in Sept 1995. I knew from that moment that we would always be together and no matter what the circumstance was I would never leave you and I promised to give you a home with a big backyard and lots of trees to run free in. You are my companion for life and I am yours. I started reading all the books I could find on the personalities of Huskies and concluded that my little guy needed to be named Bandit because he looked very mischievous and intelligent and I could see he would be eager to explore his surroundings with his abundance of energy. He would play games with the chickens in the yard, discover that a goat was not a dog and even barked and played around horses all to explore and define his world. He always wanted to be everywhere with me and after going in and out of the house a few times he quickly learned that he too could make this happen on his own. He grabbed the screen door handle with his gently mouth and push it open just enough to get his paw in-between the door and the wall and then swung the door open and walked right in. You could see the pride in his eyes every time he went in and out of the house on his own, nothing could stand between him and his desires. Bandit and I loved going to the beaches, running up and down the coast line chasing the small waves that came in. We enjoyed walking in the parks and going into the lake to cool off. He gained his hurricane survival badge with me after Hurricane Marilyn hit the island in 95. After that day every time it rained he would run and take shelter under the bed or a coffee table as if it was another hurricane on the way. I could see the headlines now, Dog survives a brutal storm by taking coverage, owner was lucky to survive with camera and binoculars in hand. In 1997 Bandit and I made our way from the islands to North Carolina. We adjusted very well and he cautiously made new doggie friends and shared his couch with anyone coming over to visit me. He loved the 20 inches of snow that fell one day in 2000. He would jump, lick and run through the snow like it was a normal occurrence. He would model his snow socks like he was waiting to pull the sled with his other dog friends. His favorite toy was a blue plastic ball that he would chase, chew and bat around the house. He also loved human food and one summer enjoyed devoured in steak, spaghetti, chicken and frosty paws. Bandit was always eager to greet me after work and we enjoyed the time we spent together on the weekends. He would run around the backyard filled with trees and go for rides in the car with the window down. He was and is my companion for over 12 years and I will cherish our memories together until that day when I see him again and we can go for a long walk up the coast line again playing in the waves. I love you Bandit.

Ready for the hurricane
Life is good
Sunshine in the tall grass

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