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Memorial created 02-19-2008 by
Pam Korchok
January 24 1991 - February 15 2008



In loving memory of our Simey who we love so much. Simey will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. She had the most beautiful soul, and not a day will go by that we don't miss her.

We wanted to memorialize her with the attached photos, so please, take a moment and remember our special family member.

Always in Our Hearts, We Love You, Simey

Mommy, Daddy and Pammy 




I had Simey since she was 8 weeks old, stole my heart the minute I laid my eyes on her.  She had a beautiful personality, not mean, never snapped, never bit, never hissed, just so loving and she was my "second daughter".  She loved her birthday parties, going for walks with Mummy in her baby buggy, cookouts with Mummy, sleeping with Mummy, and she sucked a blanket up to her 17th birthday.  She was born with a chronic yeast infection in her right ear and I constantly had to cleanse and treat with Panalog, Zymox (Hydrocortisone), ear cleansers, etc.  and nothing seemed to help.  She was sensitive to it all.  She had Baytril liquid for the ears and when the vet subscribed it and it was given in her ear, she would run like her ear was on fire.  I made so many trips to my vet, and it seemed like I lived there at the clinic with Simey.  Even when she got her yearly shots at one time her head swelled up and wouldn't eat, and her pupils dilated....She had to have one half of the dosage the next time around.  Could not tolerate it!  I stopped the annual shots completely at age 7.  In July 2007, she wasn't eating too good so here I go again up to the vets.  The vet said she had lesions in her mouth on her gums and he told me she had to have her teeth cleaned (I always brushed them) and the lesions on her gums removed.  I was horrified as I knew she would have to be put under.  I had blood work done and the vet said her liver and kidneys looked good and heart seemed fine and she would do well and be able to go through the operation.  On August 6, 2007 at 7:30 a.m. I had her at the clinic and stayed until she came out of the anesthetic.  She had laser surgery to remove the bleeding lesion and also a biopsy was taken and came back with no cancer found.  She was heavily administrated pain killers and an antibiotic for the gums (salve) and Baytril for infection.  After 2 days on Baytril, she vomited and had loose bowel movements, and would not take the medication for me.  I stopped giving it to her and took her up after 10 days for a check-up.  The vet said she was healing beautifully.  She was eating and seemed ok but I noticed she was pulling her fur at the back and scratching her mouth frequently.  Up to the vets I went again and he suggested we "pull all the teeth as they were acting as posts to attract infection".  I was appalled and said absolutely not- so he the (vet) suggested a long-term steroid injection (my mistake).  That night at 1:00 am in the morning she was laying beside me on the couch and her ears were very warm and dark pink  and her breathing was very rapid.  I said Oh my God what have I done!  I was scared as this was not normal breathing .  In January 2008 I took her in again as the scratching never stopped and he suggested we do blood work.  The vet looked in her mouth and said she had accumulated more ulcers and still suggested pulling the teeth.  I said no again and when the blood work came back, he called my husband and said she had CRF and had 25% of her kidney left.  I quickly got on line and my daughter got a lot of info from a holistic vet in Canada and he said we have to get her on sub-Q-hydration asap (a pharmaceutical grade of Omega 3-which is healing for tissues and the kidneys) but I had to get her on the sub-Q.  I ordered the CRF oil but it was going to arrive late as it had to go through customs.  Immediately I called my vet (who was out on a seminar) so I had to turn her over to the new assisting vet (who was relatively new at the clinic and told him my plans that I wanted ONLY the sub-Q ASAP and he agreed.  He said I would have to leave her overnight, which I dreaded, and kissed her on her mouth and told her I loved her very much and Mummy will be in tomorrow for a visit.  The sad part of this whole scenario is when we called around noon the next day, they told us not to come up until 3:30.  We came up about 3:15 and they kept us waiting for 45 Minutes!  They called up back and there was my baby laying on the table gasping for every breath and when she saw me she got up and put her head against my chest and was gasping for every breath.  I said put her back in the oxygen mask and we asked what happened and they said her heart was enlarged and told us we could take her to the trauma center, about 20 miles away or have her euthanized.  I said my God what happened?  When I took her up there, before leaving home she ate tuna and was in my bay window arms stretched out in the sun - so comfy and she was sleeping with me at nights, her mobility was good, she was going to the bathroom and certainly not critical.  They told us we had to make a decision right away as they were closing the clinic at 5:00 and no one would be able to stay with her.  Another option was to take her to he trauma center as I stated before and it was a 30 minute drive.  I picked my baby up in her blanket and they said are you taking her home?  I said yes and when God wants her he will take her and I want her to die at home. No more than five minutes we got outside, she was gasping for air, and we got in the car, she laid her head on my heart and died.  I was numb....I was like a corpse myself ....I held her so tight against my chest all the way home.  I was in shock!  I had her in my garage and that evening went up to the funeral home and got a cherub vault.  It was the hardest thing I ever did in my life.  I loved her more than my mother and cried more than when my mother died.  I was unusually close to her and my husband warned me that you have to face it someday that she is going to leave you.  We were inseparable and she just heard the word Mummy and she looked for me.  I couldn't figure out why this sudden death.  They said her heart was enlarged and she had a heart attack.  When I got the bill, the vet never gave her the Sub-Q but 22.6 mg of BAYTRIL.  I took one look at the bill and told my husband, my God, he gave her Baytril and she was allergic to it.  Oh my God I would never hurt my baby!  I loved her deeply and it was up to me to protect her.  She had no good bacteria left in her body to fight infections as the meds killed the friendly flora and she not able to fight the bacteria.  The steroids will affect the heart too so the meds took a toll on her system and vet never checked her records or did as we requested.  I have proceeded with legal action so that any other doggie or kitty will not have to suffer the same fate under this vet.  Unfortunately, under PA laws, pets have no rights, and their veterinarian cannot be held responsible for any mis-diagnosis or wrongdoings. I hope that other pet owners who live in this state will never have to encounter what our family has gone through due to a vets error. Rest in Peace Simey, our Love Lasts Forever.




 The Most Beautiful Face In The World



Here she is in her "Winter Attire", posing so beautifully....





This is Simey how we Remember Her - So Precious




Simey Enjoying her Birthday Collar from Pammy ! 


Mommy Made My Birthday So Special l!!!!!

(Here I am, enjoying icing from my cake!!)

It tastes so Good!!


Here Is Another Present For Me For My Birthday!!!

(Mommy, Daddy and Pammy Made My Birthdays so Special!!!! )





"I Know I'm So Special !!! """


 No More Drinks at My Bar!

And I MEAN IT !!!


Simey With  Her Mommy and Pammy Underneath Her Favorite Dogwood Tree


"I'm Going to Stick My Tounge Out At You - "JUST BECAUSE I HATE THIS HAT !!!" 


"Here is a Picture of Me and My Mummy Taking a Stroll In My Special


I Really Had Fun !!!


"Mommy Thinks This is HER NEW COUCH!!!

(But I Claimed It First !!!)


Peek - A - Boo !!


Our Beautiful Simey...

So Perfect in Every Way


"The Most Beautiful Angel In the World"


 " No Kitty Can Compare"









~ Tiffany


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