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Memorial created 02-21-2008 by
claudia varble
January 22 2008

In loving memory of our Otis who we love so much. Otis will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.  I will miss swimming with you, walking with you, waking up to your sweet eyes looking for me. I needed you way more than you ever needed me my beautiful friend. I didn't realize that until you were gone. Please remember me. I will see you again Otis. Thank you for the love, loyalty, and companionship you provided, and can never be replaced. I hope I'll be as strong as you were, when my time comes. I love you forever big guy. Your Mommie


My sweet Otis, today it has been a month since your gone. A month. It just doesnt seem like it's real. I still miss you as if it was yesterday. I look for you, though the day you died everything I saw.. was you. Today is better..I see your pictures, I touch the hard surface wanting to feel your fuzzy face. Wanting to walk you outside. I want to wake up and reach over and touch your back and see you look up to me with those loving eyes. I would fill the trashcan up with lots of goodies and toys if only you were here to get into it once more!  You were such a booger. All the little things I learned to live with over the years, now I miss. I always walked in the house not knowing what to expect, but couldnt wait to get here to see you everyday.  I go to buy dogfood and things for our other pets here, and all I can think of is how I always had to buy such big bags for you. Now little ones will do. I don't have to buy the rugged toys, because the other doggies teeth just don't cut through the toys like yours did. They don't eat bites of  bananas with me and the birds every morning either. Or little pieces of cucumbers at night. All these little things we did together I never even noticed.  They don't like peanuts either! But I do love them, as you know. You and I just had so much time to create our little rituals. They were ours and ours alone I guess. The nightly walks around the house to get you into our room and into your bed because you couldn't use the stairs. Where once it seemed to cold to go out there, now I would give anything to walk you around even once more. I havent slept in my room since you were gone. I sleep on the sofa, where we slept that night before you went to the vet. Where I stayed up with you most the night and pushed water on you to drink so you wouldnt dehydrate. That night I woke up to your sweet nose on mine , after I fell asleep and you came to make sure I was there. I miss you my beautiful angel. I always will. I do feel you in my heart. I don't know what to look forward to this spring, it used to be going to the cabin with you, swimming and playing. I can't wait to see you again big boy. Odie man. Light of my life. I feel like such a weakling without you. But I know you held on for me as long as you could. I know you were in pain with arthritis. I know it was getting harder for you to see and hear. I think I was in denial sweet boy. In fact I know I was. It's hard to remember the first time you stumbled on one of our long walks. But I do remember that day. How it scared me. I do remember now how we were hiking that mountain and you layed down for a bit to catch your breathe. The first time you ever had to do that. I remember our walks got shorter. And yet shorter. I like to think now you can run like you used to. And catch up to all those young snipity pups! I see you doing just that! I love you forever


The pictures I have of Otis on here are the only ones I have on the digital camera. I have many I want to scan and put up.


I was out with the horses tonight under the stars..looking up to see which one was the brightest because I always know thats you Odie, telling me goodnight. I said your name out loud and your donkey doodle started braying! He misses touching noses with  you. I think he always thought you were a miniture donkey! He just followed you everywhere.  You are such a big gentle soul. I love you, goodnight sweet boy, I'll see you in my dreams. ~crosses fingers


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