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In Memory of our friend, Sam

Memorial created 02-23-2008 by
Leslie Bercher
June 8 1995 - February 23 2008

Sam and Trent at Christmas 2007

In loving memory of our Sam who we love so much. Sam will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Sam was so full of life and was always there to protect us and love us.  He had the sweetest face.  One that we will never forget.  He was always so sweet and enjoyed being outside in his yard.  He loved coming inside, though!  He loved being around his family.

His best buddy, Trent, will miss his sweet face and his companionship.  Trent has been his best friend since he was only 4 years old.  We remember the first day he came home and Trent was so excited.  He kept saying "doggy!".

The way Sam looked inside at the front door when he was outside, will never be forgotten.  He would stand on the front porch and look in and "smile" at us.  He was just a sweet soul and we love him so much.

Today is such a hard day for our family, but we are so glad Sam no longer suffers and is in a better place.  A place where he can run and play and be Sam again.

We miss you, Sam.


Trent and his friend, Sam

Trent stayed with Sam through everything.  Trent spent the night with Sam on his last night in the office where Sam was sleeping.  Due to the cancer being so bad, Sam was unable to walk or lift his head, so Trent did not leave him.  Sam is so missed.


Dad and Mom with Sam on his last night at home

Mom and Sam had a special relationship.  He knew when her car was coming around the block and was there, ready to greet her.  She had a special friend in Sam.  He LOVED my mother.  Mom was always playing ball with him and playing with him, even when she just got home from a long day at work... with her hands full of stuff from the day.... she would drop everything just to play with him for a minute.  She really misses her friend, Sam.

Daddy loved his dog.  He took such good care of Sam.  Especially through the last few weeks.  When Sam needed to go outside to use the bathroom, Daddy, even with his back as bad as it is, would pick Sam up and carry him outside down the steps.  Daddy did everything he could to save Sam.  He took him to the doctor countless times and researched medication that would possibly help him.  Daddy, you were so good to our Sam.  We know you miss him.


What a sweetie pie.. even as sick as he was

Sam was such a cutie pie.  Even on his last day, he was still so sweet.  He had the sweetest little face and loved his family.  Sammy, we miss you.


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