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Memorial created 02-25-2008 by
Robyn M.
BooBoo Kitty
July 7 1991 - February 5 2008

Happy Birthday Boo!

Today you would have been 17 years old and I miss you so much, I love you so much. I'd like to spend the whole day cuddling up with you and pampering you and giving you your favourite food. I'd do anything to have you here with me again and I feel selfish for wanting that because I also know that you are in peace now and no more pain for you ever again. I'm so sorry that you had to go through cancer too. No animal should have to go through that.

I'm still having trouble being without you, but I do have a feeling that you are still here in spirit.

I'm lighting a candle for you today, one that smells pretty because you loved things that smelled pretty. 

I took Basil to the vet over a week ago because it was time for his checkup and I had noticed some redness around his gums too. We were sent home with some anti-biotics for his mouth in preparation for his teeth cleaning, but then the bloodwork came back 2 days later saying that his kidney and liver functions were good, but something showed up in is GI tract and there might also be a tumour on his pancreas. His last dose of anti- biotics is today and we go back to see Dr. Kaler tomorrow so he can explain to me what is going on. I'm so scared Boo. I'm not ready to lose Basil as well, I'm still grieving for you and some people think I should be over losing you, but I know that I will never be over it. Dr. Kaler said it might me a cancerous tumour on his pancreas and if it is, there is nothing to be done for him. If worse comes to worst, I know that you will be there waiting for him. I'll try and stay positive in the meantime and spend your special day thinking of beautiful thoughts of you my special girl. I love you Boo. Forever!

All my love, Mom xxx 



This is the memorial garden I made for you. I know that you would have liked poking around in there smelling the flowers.








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