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Memorial created 02-25-2008 by
Robyn M.
BooBoo Kitty
July 7 1991 - February 5 2008

Forever Loved............Never Forgotten

In Loving Memory of Basil

June 16,1995 ~ December 2,2010  



A healthier younger Bazzy

 Yesterday my long time companion, my best friend, my fur child, my beautiful Basil went home to be with BooBoo and his Creator. Words cannot describe how broken I feel. Basil was the other pea in the pod. I always referred to Boo and Basil being two peas in the pod. Now the pod is empty and here I am. Three years ago, this coming February, my precious Boo left us, leaving Basil and I devasted. Basil never came out of his depression. Now Basil has gone home.

Oh Basil, it was so hard to say goodbye to you too. I felt like I'd killed you. I had so many people tell me I'd made the right decision to let you go so you don't suffer anymore. I miss you so much already. The apartment is too quiet without you, it feels a bit on the empty side, your presence was so huge. I'm hoping you will pay me a visit or two like Boo did when she crossed over. I will be keeping very aware of my surroundings waiting for you to come and let me know you are ok. 

I love you my dear sweet Basil, I will never forget you and I know I will never get over losing you. Please come and visit me, I'm so crushed, I need to feel you around me. Please......... 

Basil at 12 weeks old
My sweet boy Basil, taken (2008 approx)
A noble looking guy

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