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Memorial created 03-10-2008 by
Sheylyn D\\\'Ambrosia
Toby D
June 0 1991 - February 2 2008

In loving memory of our Toby  who we love so much. Toby  will be greatly missed and be in our hearts longer than forever.

Toby came into my life at the age of 3 months.  He was sitting quietly in a cage at the AZ Humane Society awaiting adoption but had been passed over time and time again.  He had been there for sometime already as a very tiny little guy and was scheduled for euthanasia (something I adamantly don't believe in or support except in extreme, extreme circumstances) because he had been there for more than a month. 

I remember standing with my back to him looking across the room at the other cages filled with kitties and cats when I felt a little claw grab my blouse.  I turned around and realized it was him tugging at me.  I think he knew that I was the one for him rather than him for me.  Because of that which showed his heart and maturity at such a young age and the fact that his life needed saved he was coming home with me.  I just didn't know then that he turned out to be one of my best animal friends ever.   He has been one of the greatest blessings from God I have ever been given.  He was so intuitive and extremely loyal although quite independant wanting to just be his own self in every way.

As a kitten and a young cat his favorite thing to do was to hang out in a tree we have in our yard.  That was his favorite outdoor spot.  He often like to lay in the tall, grassy parts of the yard but he spent a lot of time with me talking his cat language of things I really did try to understand.

In his older days before he passed away he clung to me like never before because he knew he was ill and his time was short and the bond seemed stronger than it had ever been.   He never complained in his life except when he didn't have me in his sight and then only a couple of times in his last few days when he had to make vet visits. 

The morning he died he did not go very willingly and it was evident that he didn't want to leave me but when God calls and the angel that takes us home comes, we must go and so he did.  He was in my arms when God called him home.  Although painful for us both neither of us would have had it any other way.       I have been there and witnessed the death angels come for my pets.   If ANYONE ever tells you that our pets will not be in heaven they are wrong!  They all are in heaven.  The Bible even says that the lion will lie with the lamb.

I love him and miss him so much.  He was so special and so dear.  In the natural there is a void in our home that of course cannot and will not be filled.   In the spiritual though, Toby is there with his other animal brothers and sisters that went before him preparing for the day we will join up with him and them and then we will never have to be apart or miss each other ever again.

Thank you for visiting Toby's new picture home and sharing his story with your heart.

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