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Memorial created 03-17-2008 by
karen tomczak
September 4 1998 - March 13 2008

wonderful baby boy

                    The Story of Rameses and How He Came To Us"
My friend Nikki called me and said
; hey Karen guess what, I have a dobbie and guess what there is one more left and they cannot find a home for him .
He was in three home
s in a week he cried all night, so the people gave him back. Nikki said they are beautiful and even have papers. I could not believe it , so I said when can I come up and see him? Nikki said I will call the lady. He was so cute and he got right on my lap and never left it again , I said you belong to me little one I was in love and he was to .So we went home  and he did cry one night then he was in my bed and that was that - it was his .

We also had a yellow Lab her name was Brandy she loved him right away . Then it was time to name my new baby so we did just that . King Richard
’s Rameses of Venango . You see Richard was my husbands name and he past away in 1995.  He loved the name Rameses and we lived on Venango St in Philadelphia, Pa; so there it was. Losing Rameses was just as hard for me as loosing my husband, I know that sound’s crazy; but the hurt is so deep it rips your heart out . I thank God that my friend Nikki remembered how much I loved Dobermans.  I had three in the past but, that was years ago. Rameses was the Best of the Best
He is in my heart and in my soul for as long as I live . I will get a puppy one day
, but not right now my heart has a hole in it and it needs to mend.


Rameses one day could
n’t walk so we called my Raneses vet and he was diagnosed with Wobblers Syndrome . Wobblerss syndrome is caused by a narrowing of the spinal cervical (neck) vertebrae which causes pressure on the spinal cord. Rameses had surgery on 9-1-05 His recovery was great for two years and then the problems returned. No more surgery, Dr Rice said; it would be to much and he was suffering.  It was time to let him go. I feel so bad for that but I knew it was the right thing to do .That day my best friend and I took our last ride together to Dr Rice . It was the toughest thing I  have ever had to do.
knew how to say mom and Im hungry. He was a funny dog, great with kids and cats and other dogs.  He was a big baby and let me do anything to him . Rest in Peace my sweet one until i come to pick you up at Rainbow Bridge . Love Mommy         Rest My Baby


yes I would do this

We will always miss you and love you Beauty


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