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Jan McPherson
January 1 1992 - March 10 2008

Meisen in the Texas BlueBonnets







"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights..." (James 1:17 NKJ)





Once in a lifetime God blesses you with a pet that touches your heart like no other pet ever has.


Who's Prettiest - Bluebonnets or MEISEN

At first you don’t realize the significance of the treasure in which you have been entrusted.  Before you realize it, you begin to understand the value of this little pet is much more than you could ever have imagined, and this little treasure has control of your heart.


In Mama's Arms watching the Neighbor

Such was the case with Meisen (my-sen).  Meisen was a beautiful,3-½ lb,  blonde, deer-faced Chihuahua.  We received her as a gift from The Lord, and we returned her back to Him on Monday, March 10, 2008 at 7:42 p.m.


Sunning Outside Watching Mama

However, let’s go back to the beginning.  Our daughter found Meisen in 1993 in the middle of a very busy 6-lane highway intersection in Lubbock, Texas where we lived.  She picked her up and brought her home.  Thus our life with Meisen began.


Snug as a Bug

It was obvious that Meisen had been an abused little puppy.  Our vet estimated she was about 9 months old.  She showed obvious signs of abuse and neglect as well as being terrified of men, hand movements, dog collars and some other things which we considered normal, such as wearing hats or sunglasses, because Meisen would become very agitated at the sight of them.


Resting with my Beanie Bear

Though our family consisted of my husband, our daughter and myself, Meisen only had a heart for me.  She was the happiest when she and I were together and simply let the rest of the family wish they could be that close to her.


Sunning On Mama's Desk

Occasionally, I would work at our desk for several hours at a time.  When I did, I would put her little bed or pillow on the desktop where she would either lay there looking out the window, or sleep there next to me or she would be content to just watch me do whatever I was doing.  Just being close was all she wanted and needed - same goes for me.  


Next to Footprint in the Sand

Meisen went everywhere with me.  I took her to the mall shopping, we'd go for a ride, to garage sales and on family trips.  This one was to Folly Beach, SC.  She was afraid of the water and did not like the noise of the ocean.  She begged me to pick her up - which of course, I did!


She Won't Forget Me Here!

Wherever we went, she would find my suit case and climb in to make sure that I would not leave her behind.  I thought about her all the time and would never forget, but she was still insecure of being left behind.


Not My Idea of a Fun Day!

Even though Meisen didn't like her bath, she was such a good girl and would tolerate it anyway for her Mama. She loved the drying part.  I would wrap her in layers of dryer heated towels and she'd lay for hours snoozing and drying!  All bundled up.


Meisen by the Calla Lily

Whenever Meisen would be in another room of the house and I called her name, she would come running with so much excitement, stop on a dime and just stand there looking at me - like, what are we going to do, Mama, huh?  She was always excited when she was around me.  We could be out in the yard doing some gardening, and I’d look up and not see her (she was very tiny).  I’d call out her name, and she would always bark back to let me know where she was.  It was like she was saying, "here I am", and I'd answer her back with "okay".  I'd go back to my gardening and she'd go back to her sniffing.  We both loved it outside!


Coffee, Yum, Yum!

Meisen loved her coffee at home (the vet approved).  Even more than that, there is a well-known coffee house that always made her very own coffee drink and brought it outside to her at our table!  She knew that on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, when we picked up the car keys that we were off to our favorite coffee house.  And, that we weren't going without her. We couldn't speak the name of the coffe house in front of her; if we did, there was no stopping her excitement!   She would stand right in front of the door, plant those feet, look straight up into my eyes and bark with expectation!  Who could turn that down, we never did and she always went with us!  She had coffee there, but I always had to save some, because she expected coffee at home as well!  And of course she got it. 


Big Bone, Little Girl

As you can see, Meisen also loved her chew bones, which were sometimes bigger than she was. No matter the size of bone, believe it or not, she would manage to devour it after several days (if she had her way with it - but, we had to ration her time with her bones).


Quiet Time

During those intimate times when I’d cradle her in my arms like a baby and talk to her, she would listen, turn her face to me, and look straight into my eyes with a love I will never be able to explain.  It was a look of devotion like none I’ve ever known.  I would lay her back on my hand and talk to her and she would look at me directly with nothing less than pure love in her eyes, it was like she understood everything I was saying to her.  Whenever I said "I love you", her ears would come forward and up and I'd know that she knew those words were "real love" for her.  I know that she loved me more than anything.  It was so apparent in her expression and actions toward me. No matter what the circumstance, she would always let me help or do for her, when she trusted no one else. 

If you think she was my "baby", you'd be absolutely correct - she was!  My daughter even commented that when she grew up and left home, Meisen took her place in me.


I love Begonias

As the years passed and Meisen became older, we graciously cared for her.  No matter what happened, we spared no effort, time or expense to make sure that she had the best care available.   We were once told by one of her doctors that she only had two years, at the most, to live.  Through the grace of God, because He loves her too - afterall - He gave her to us,  she lived for 10 more years!  It was our heart's desire as well as our responsibility to take care of this special gift from God.  Meisen had given to us, primarily me, more love and devotion than we believed was possible from a pet.  It was only natural for us to return that same love and devotion to her and to our Heavenly Father, for giving us His best and entrusting Meisen to us for 16 precious years.  Thank you Lord, for this perfect little bundle of joy that You have given to my heart and to my life.


Looking into My Mama Eyes

There are so many precious things I could write about Meisen.  We have some special family times that are only for the Lord.  Her memories, and herself, are etched in my heart and mind forever.  There is an empty place in my heart that was filled by Meisen while she was here on earth, but I'm confident that it will be filled by her again when God brings us together. I was blessed to be in Meisen’s life in such a way that I can’t find the words to properly and fully express all that it truly meant to me to be loved and trusted by her, and I pray that I reciprocated in the same way to her.  I've never loved a pet in the way I love her and I know that she must have truly known it.

I have never known anything quite like the relationship we had.  It is indescribable and I want it to always be "our" special and most precious bond between pet and owner, Meisen and Mama.


Listening to What Mama is Saying

Thank you Meisen for being in my life and sharing all your love and devotion with me.  And thank you Lord, for putting Meisen in my life, it was the BEST gift you could ever have given  me.  You are true to your word Lord, for you indeed know my heart and know that Meisen was what I needed and what I would love most!!


Our Last Time Outside

I love and miss you so much - my little "mice-a-roo", "my sweetest heart", "my darlingest darling".  I don't think my heart will ever stop aching and longing to be with you again.  I think of you so many times during each and every day.  I would love to hold you just one more time, and kiss your little cheek, and gently hug you and say, "uh,uh,uh, I love you!". 

I love you my "littlest darling" - always and forever, you will be with me - my precious "Mama's only-est baby",

Your Mama


"For the life of every living thing is in His Hand..." (Job 12:10a NLT)


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