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Memorial created 03-28-2008 by
jules s
October 31 1993 - March 28 2008


Whenever Butler and I ride this is the song I'de play on my MP3, Cassette player through the years. I'de lovinly put her into her modified frontal baby carrier of denim get her goggles on her and hit play song. I'de jokingly say "ready to hit the road and take names?" She'd nudge me under my chin as if saying " hit it Mom, let's ride". She had attitude. Looking straight ahead, eyes squinting through her goggles as we rode. Hissing at people at stop lights. If I played this song in the house..Butler go to the front door thinking we were going on the bike. So Butler enjoy this song and page.  



Daisy Mae this is my side of the "Motorcycle Incident."

Mom left the garage door from the house open she was moving people items in and out. Humans tend to do that. I think they clean more than cats. I digress. Anyway as I said the door was open so........... I went into the garage and saw the saddle bag flipped open on the bike's back end. I got in it. Mom said "Butler going to the store." I thought to myself "yes we are". Mom looked for me but I stayed still. She finally said something like " ok hide if you want be right back". So she came closed the flap not looking in. We got to the store. Mom went in. I decided I needed sun. So I came out of the bag and sat on the bike seat waiting for Mom. Boy was Mom shocked. She said stuff I'm sure I was too young to hear. She picked me up after hugging me, kissing me. We went home. I was called "grounded for life" whatever that meant.




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