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Memorial created 03-28-2008 by
jules s
October 31 1993 - March 28 2008


One of my t-shirts I have 7. That say Butler 100%. My skull cap that is black with white letters reading Butler. My id tag says Butler. My medicine bag has her fur and dreamcatcher within it. My white and black bracelet. I never take any of those off. I always wear black and white I have since March 28th 2008. Her purple hippo and her bug she fetch and bring back.  You are always with me Sweet Pea.

Love Mom


I Take You With Me

By : Melissa Etheridge




Past the devil's own temptation
Beyond where angels sleep
To the holy invocation
Of a neon city street
I feel your hand
I hold you
Through your eyes I see
My love, wherever I go
I take you with me

Down the road of my desires
To the oceans of my peace
Through the fueling of my fires
Until my yearnings cease
I hear your voice
I know you
In your arms I sleep
My love, wherever I go
I take you with me

Even though I've fed my hunger
Even though I've named my fear
I'll never understand it
How the journey led me here
But I have made a promise
That I intend to keep
My love, wherever you go
I take you with me


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